25 Black and White Vintage Cover Designs

Since the advent of color in any creative work of prints, film, or otherwise, that used only black, white, and gray, gave way to feelings of nostalgia, history, or even retro for onlooking audiences. There is much to enjoy with these seemingly out-of-place pieces of today’s modern and color-centric world.

I enjoy watching black and white films, so much that, I find myself thinking that I’m living in the wrong era.

As such, I have always been drawn to simple and clean designs that convey meaning at a glance, yet still have an air of mystery about them. When I see a book cover or film in black and white, I like the feeling of being transported to a different time; the designer’s crafty creative techniques, consequently, having an effect on me.

Bookworms, budding designers, and even the occasional blog-wanderer, will find this particular round-up of book covers inspiring. Here are 25 photos of black and white book covers that caught my attention:


A Mad Desire to Dance


A Photographer’s Life, 1990-2005


Andy Warhol, The Day the Factory Died




Brideshead Revisited




Ellsworth Kelly Reliefs, 2009-2010


Empire Rising


In Cold Blood


Judging Obscenity


Love, London


Metamorphosis and Other Stories




New Yorkers as Seen by Magnum Photographers


Out of Step, Faces of the Straight Edge


Religion Explained


Subway Dreaming


The Abomination


The Book Thief


The Glass Castle


The Great Gatsby


The Theatre of the Absurd


Vanity of Duluoz




Yvon’s Paris


We’ve been taught to not judge a book by its cover, but with designs such as these, we cant help to be instantly drawn to the book.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of black and white book covers, and sound some you love. Share which were your favorite book covers in the comments section below or recommend some you enjoy.