24 Examples of Great Print Marketing by Photographers

When marketing their business, most photographers will rely on the merit of their photographs—but it can’t do all of the work on its own. Using other printed materials such as business cards, flyers, mailers, and brochures can tell a potential client more about the photographer’s personality. A client might review dozens of photographs when choosing a photographer, but placing your photos on a uniquely designed flyer or business card can make them stand out from all the rest.

We’ve rounded up 25 awesome print marketing designs for photographers. Use them as inspiration to attract more attention to yourself and your work.

1. Raquel Navarro Business Card

There’s no mistaking what type of business this card represents. Overall, the shape fits the standard rectangle, but there is a slightly rounded part that sticks out at the top to form one of the knobs on a camera. The other cool camera feature in this card is its viewfinder, which puts a fun mustache and glasses on subjects when it is looked through, showcasing the photographer’s playful personality. The design is entertaining but also highly functional, with the photographer’s name and website easy to find.

2. The Associated Press Presentation Folder

This folder is a great way to honor late Associated Press photographer Henri Huet. One of his best photos from his coverage of the Vietnam War is displayed on the cover. His name stands out in a neon green sans serif font against the sophisticated black background. The bright green back serves as a stark contrast to the front.

3. Jason Smith Business Card

Designer Hamim Khan showcases some of the photographer’s work with this business card design, which looks similar to a smartphone. Contact information is easy to find on the “screen,” and can even be accessed through a QR code. Samples of the photographer’s work are on the back, along with the logo, which mimics a camera shutter.

4. Yuen Photography Brochure

The simple, sophisticated black and white cover design of this photography brochure doesn’t take away from the images inside.  The slogan “Light up your style” is very fitting since the photos inside make use of interesting lighting techniques. The sans serif font adds to the modern design.

5. PN Photography Custom Photo Folder

These digitally printed photo folders for PN Photography serve as beautiful thank you cards for the bride and the groom and great promotional material for the studio. Images from the wedding are featured under a thank you message from the bride and groom on the top panel. Slits on the lower panel allow the couple to insert a special photo in the card. Recipients find the photo credit and a fun invitation to follow the studio on social media under the insert.

6. Penguin Shots Business Card

Photographer Loreta Cuka makes sure her name isn’t missed by featuring it on both the front and back of this business card for Penguin Shots. Her name is the primary feature on the front of the card, which looks like a camera. All information clients need to contact her is on the back along with the company logo of a round penguin head.

7. Karl Ko Photography Presentation Folder

This presentation folder’s bright and cheerful design shows the photographer is ready to be part of clients’ special days. Only the business’s logo is on the cover; it’s in a modern sans serif font and resembles a golden wedding band on a crisp white background. The back is a playful yellow with a large engagement ring silhouette on it, reinforcing this business’s wedding specialty.

8. DK Photo Stationery

The color scheme of red-orange and blue-gray for DK Photo provides an attractive contrast. Flowers and butterflies add a fanciful feeling to the wedding photographer’s stationery. Serif font in the name shows the company is reliable while the script font in its slogan adds elegance to the design.

9. Omar Alkhani Photography Business Card

Designer Manhal Bitar used a sleek, modern design for this photography studio’s business card. This standard rectangle card has one rounded corner at the top to mimic a small camera lens. The photographer’s name has been printed in a simple white serif font suggestive of stability and reliability, while the website URL is on a calming blue strip across the top. The design on the back is the same, only with the colors inverted.

10. Xiaoyi Chen Poster

Modern photographer Xiaoyi Chen uses this formal design to promote his poster series, “Comtemplating the Infinite.” The date’s vertical alignment helps it to stand out so that people will know when to check out the show.

11. Zelman Studios Poster Mailer

This studio’s poster mailer gets up close and personal with the subjects of its photos. Parts of large images are featured on the cover, encouraging the recipient to open it to see what the rest of the image looks like. Contact information is at the top corner of the cover in case people need to find it fast.

12. Franc Ryder Business Card

This business card design shows that the photographer will have clients’ cherished moments in focus. The front features a name, logo and contact information in a bold red, sans serif font on a sophisticated black background. The back features a bride and groom sharing a kiss, with the photographer’s logo surrounding them. The logo looks like the guidelines one would see on a screen of a camera when trying to focus a shot.

13. Jennifer Keller Photography Presentation Folder

This presentation folder design shows the photographer is professional, but it also highlights her personality. Jennifer Keller’s name shines against the sophisticated black background in a metallic teal foil stamp. Her logo, a capital J in a funky font, shows she is fun and creative.

14. Rodrigo Lima Photography Business Card

Clients can line up a shot for themselves with this clever transparent business card design. The card looks like the screen of a digital camera, but also features the photographer’s name and contact information.

15. Nicole Madison Business Card

Designer Alliqbal uses a sophisticated design for these business cards. Only the photographer’s name is on the front in a modern, sans serif font over a gray-scaled image of her hands holding her camera. The back is the same, but adds contact information to the bottom on the elegant black background.

16. Lars Frederiksen Business Card

This business card design took a retro approach by making it look like an old-school camera. The simple design features the photographer’s contact information on the back. A modern element is added with the use of a sans serif font.

17. Ethan Lee Photography Business Card

The metallic silver sheen on this business card makes the design truly pop. Instead of using a traditional camera image, designers Sion Hsu & Ethan Lee chose to take a more abstract route, making the background look similar to a photo negative.

18. Anton Corbijn Photography Book

Photographer Anton Crobijn lets his images speak for themselves inside this book. The “1-2-3-4” count off on the cover is the same a drummer would use to start a song, which is fitting because Crobijn’s images are of famous musicians.

19. Allie Monday Photography Business Cards

This business card design features elegance and luxury with a gold metallic foil stamp on a formal black background. The logo looks like mountains to make a capital M, which forms a contrast of a masculine design for a female photographer.

20. Dan Jones Mailer

Photographer Dan Jones used this mailer to showcase the work he did for Neff Kitchenware. The font and coloring of the cover photo creates a retro vibe, while the black background adds a level of sophistication.

21. Farah Benni Information Packet

Pastel blue-green and gray make up the soothing color scheme for Farah Benni’s information packet. The colors mimic those that would be found in a nursery, which is fitting because the photographer specializes in photos of newborns and children. The script font in her logo adds a personal touch, as it looks like Farah signed each item in the packet herself.

22. Sil Drago Alem Business Card

Designer Gabriela Castro uses a fun, feminine design for this business card. The front features the photographer’s name in a modern sans serif font. The friendly, welcoming logo is a whimsical take on a camera’s shutter with a smiley face in the center and a pink heart at the top.

23. Jess Jackson Business Cards

The small, square shape helps these business cards stand out. A rose logo and the card’s pale pink and white color scheme make the design soft and ladylike, while the serif font shows the photographer is respectable and reliable.

24. Takashi Homma Photobook

This photo book’s unique design features a rubber band in the middle holding the book together. The rose and sage color circles add a natural, earthy element to the design. Circles on cover represent the widows’ everlasting connection to their beloved spouses.

Your photos are great, but it is those tiny extra details that will get you more attention. Come out from behind the camera to let potential clients get a taste of who you are. Feeling that personal connection will make them more inclined to think of you the next time they need a photographer.

What are you doing to stand out? Let us know in the comments below.