23 Incredible Macro Photographs

Many times it takes a unique perspective to find beauty in a place that you may not otherwise have looked. Macro photography shows objects in nature and other aspects of life in a way that brings out a new kind of beauty.

The following macro photographs are sure to inspire beautiful work for any designer. Whether you are looking for inspiration for backgrounds of business cards or artwork for web design, enjoy the brilliant macro photographs below.

The brilliant purple is stunning but the water drop is the real star of this photograph. The crisp clarity of the light and images reflected in the water are amazing.

Once again the water is the real focus, but the shape and color of these petals are not to be overlooked. The color combination in this photograph could be brilliant on business cards.

At first glance, this photograph may startle you. The more you look at it, though, the richer the colors and the more intense the eye becomes. It almost appears to move.

Intricacy in nature is certainly exemplified in this photo. The design of a web becomes a work of art up close.

With crisp clarity, this caterpillar shows character that you may never have imagined without the up close introduction. The color scheme that nature has provided would be great for a high energy design.

Though the subject of a fly is normally not lovely, this photograph is amazing. Beautiful details normally hidden have come to life.

In this photograph the water droplets magnify the tiny nuances of this vibrant leaf. Once again, the color combination is amazing.

If an ant can carry 50 times their weight and team work is still necessary then I think that ants are a great example for us. This image can be used to inspire great attitudes as well as design.

What I love about this image is the stark contrast of deep red, bold white, and complete black. The air bubbles create a design of their own as well.

The beautiful image of the light on a delicate flower sets a lovely background for the bold yellow. Nature really has given us a foundation for color palettes that amaze.

Speaking of color palettes, this clear purple and bold orange pieces on the flower look stunning against the blurred green and pink. The focus effect is incredible!

To me this image is pure happiness. The flawless open blooms are being enjoyed by the delicate and complex butterfly. The clarity of this photograph is wonderful.

An up close look at this simple piece of rope shows that it is not so simple. The depth of color and detail make this image a powerful one that could be used in many a design.

Machinery can be representative of work and strength. The textures and lines of this photograph give it life.

Even the tiniest parts of nature hold so much complexity. What a wonderful display of photography.

The shimmering eyes of this terrifying spider have a very space like quality, especially with the spider crawling across a CD.

While the soft surface of this honey bee are the true focus of this work of art, the colors of the background make this photograph lovely.

This drop of water shows of the many facets of water. Such elegance in this photograph would make for a beautiful piece of art on a wall.

Lovely little lady bug with a pretty leaf to perch on makes a wonderful picture.The angle is brilliant!

The soft gradient of color and shape make this image a great inspiration for design. The water drops on the lips are a nice detail.

Once again, detail in the tiniest parts of nature can be scary and stunning at the same time.

Brilliant colors make the symmetry of this wisping plant look beautiful. Such a soft yet eye-catching photo would be beautiful as the background of business cards or on a brochure.

This simple water droplet is captured in amazing clarity. It reflects the images around it while resting in the bold colors of a leaf. Beautiful art!