22 Websites inspired by Trees

Traditionally, you’ll find tons of blog posts about web trends like vintage type, subtle textures, shiny gradients, and other types of general trends that come and go.

Today, let’s get a bit more specific – trees. Trees don’t really scream web design, but it’s an element that is used more often than you think. It’s really to no surprise we are all surrounded by them everyday, and they are so unique and different, that each person can see a tree in a different way. I believe that nature is a huge inspirational vice for designers, so for me this post was due.

Morphix Design Studio

Aquatory Group



Code School

2011 Sasquatch Festival

Ryan Scherf

RX Balance

Treehaus Collaborative Workspace

Strange Ga Rhythmom

The Oleg Blog


South African Travellers

My Design Den

Green Globe Ideas

Somos La Pera Limonera


Netgenetix Media


K4 Lab

Tori’s Eye