16 Photoshop tutorials to make you a better designer

Last week we posted 30 Breathtaking Photoshop Masterpieces, the post was received very well, how could it not – the work is amazing. Around the web there are thousands of tutorials all over the place. Inspiredology has never really jumped into the tutorial lists, but we thought we would compile some fantastic tutorials here, that we are sure will make you a better designer. They aren’t necessarily using design fundamentals, but each tutorial will challenge you to be creative and learn some interesting effects. Tutorials are great, but if you can bend the tutorial and create your own design – you will be much happier with your final design.

6 Quick’n’Dirty Photoshop Text Effects From Scratch

Reader Tutorial: Typography Wallpaper in Photoshop

Magic lighting effect in Photoshop

Color Correction Basics in Photoshop

Create a Dream Design with 3D Typography

Photoshop Space Tutorial

How to Create a Somber Composition in Photoshop

Create a Dark and Surreal Poster Using Your Own Portrait

How to Create High Quality Metal 3D Text in Photoshop

Using Light and Shade to Bring Text to Life

Make a Retro-Space Typography Poster with Colorful Lights

Seamless compositing

Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop

Make a Freezing Cold Snow-themed Abstract Piece

Create an Abstract Retro-Pop Wallpaper

Drawing Skulls with a Wacom Tablet