12 Killer Sites that do Parallax Right

While some may be growing tired of the somewhat dizzying effects of a carefully put together parallax scrolling website, you can’t deny the added visual fidelity this trick garners. Here are 13 awesome sites that do parallax scrolling perfectly.

The Beatles Rockband


Lost Worlds Fairs

SONY Tablet S

NIKE Elevate Your Vision

NIKE Make It Count

Nintendo Wii Mario Kart


IWC Portofino

Inception Explained

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Which sites are your favorite or are there some other sites you think do the Parallax Scrolling well that we didn’t list? Which are your least favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: We took all of your submissions, added a few of ours, and brought together 12 more killer sites that kickass with parallax. Make sure to check it out!