11 E-commerce sites that go Green

Green has many associations, it’s natural, it’s relaxing and it’s refreshing. With all its other qualities that create an emotional tie, it makes sense that you might want to utilise it in your websites design.

If you’re planning to build an e-commerce website, the introduction of green can make the whole shopping experience more relaxing. Here are a few examples that show how to utilize greens to the best of their ability:

A Modern Eden

A simplistic contrast between green and white, this design makes for a fresh and vibrant appearance. The white adds great contrast that goes smoothes with the lighter greens.

Organic Food Ireland

A website that naturally lends itself to greenery; organic food Ireland goes all-in with its background. Grass makes for a surprisingly detailed image and a welcome texture, the various shades and shadows breaking up what would otherwise be a dull background.


Another company whose business lends itself well to green imagery, Dropbags, makes full use of the opportunity. Contrasted with shades of brown, the earthy feel creates a natural appearance that puts the mind, and that shopping finger, at ease.

Nature Valley

Another website with a grass motif, Nature Valley, also uses images which utilize green heavily to make a strong and proud statement. It speaks volumes about the company without using lengthy text, which is always refreshing.

The Bodyshop

Green doesn’t always need to be the main focus, here it takes a back seat to contrast against bright red – creating a striking appearance and elegant touch.


Another case of going easy on the green, the colour breaks up the white and ties into the golfing theme perfectly.

Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barret use green to break segments up to make a website much easier and comfortable to understand.

Marks & Spencer

Green at its most minimalist; Marks & Spencer prove the colour is just as effective in small doses with carefully placed logo annunciations and call-to-actions.


Waitrose brings another subtle use of green, the suggestion of freshness makes the produce much more appealing without being overly suggestive.


Using a similar approach, this simple website uses green to draw your attention to important areas, guiding customers to where they want to be.

Dconstruct 2010

The current Dconstruct website has a different scheme but the 2010 design was all about green.

Besides the black photographs, the various shades of green were a unique example of how to complement and contrast colours to improve the aesthetic design of websites. The simple use of alternative shades made for an exciting mono-color approach and helped this site stand out from the crowd. 


How do you feel about sites using a green color scheme? Which are your favorites?