10 Vampire Ads That Don’t Suck

Halloween is a frighteningly wonderful time of year for graphic artists, because they can get away with so much more than usual in their designs.

While normally an electrical socket doesn’t provide much opportunity for a creative edge, October means you can add some dripping blood, and that’s not only OK but makes energy ads striking!

Even with zombies creeping up in popularity, vampires are still sexy, scary and sometimes funny – all aspects that can make up an exciting marketing campaign. The following are just 10 examples of vampires in promotions – sink your teeth into the variety and draw some inspiration for your own design jobs!

Vampire Power Awareness campaign.

“True Blood” promotional posters.

Youth coalition against smoking campaign.

Propaganda design by Alex Ross.

“Vampire with handicap” Dental Design campaign by KNSK Werbeagentur agency.

Cross-promotion for “The Vampire Diaries” and American Red Cross.

Club flyer design by Matthew Medley.

IBM’s anti-energy-sucking campaign.

Alterna.tif T-shirt design for Vampire Industries.

Adidas ad by Iris agency in Singapore.