10 Online Shops Doing it Right

The number of US consumers shopping online is steadily growing, despite the recession. With consumers citing convenience, ease of use, ability to research products before buying, and price as the top reasons for making the switch between in-store and online shopping, ecommerce has never had it so good.
So if you haven’t made it possible for your customers to shop online yet, why not? With the number of great ecommerce stores online that combine usability and aesthetics you can’t fail to be inspired. Here are ten of the best online stores doing it right – from both a design and usability perspective. Check them out, and get motivated.

Ork Posters!


Ork Posters’ ecommerce store is a must-see for anyone with a typography crush. The simple color scheme and striking aesthetic is appealing to their design-oriented target audience, while the color change rollover effect on the centered block of links make the site so intuitive, it hurts.

Wine Store


The design of this site speaks sophistication, style and imagination. The vibrant pink and white color scheme work well to make it vivid and fresh, and the ‘winekey’ icons next to each wine to represent color, body and flavor add considerably to the user experience.


Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 8.59.16 AM

Giraffe utilizes a colorful, textured, playful design to appeal to families with children, and has taken heed of the need for vertical design to accommodate for tablet users. The site is simple yet effective and their use of PayPal is clearly indicated.

Abel & Cole


Everything about this site reflects what it is. The beautiful high-quality images against the white background and the distressed typography creates a simplified, rustic feel, while the drop down menus add to usability, and the sketched notebook shopping basket to the right emphasizes the site’s homely personality.

Soho Fixed

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 8.59.20 AM

The simple design here focuses on the product and its quality. The dynamic imagery at the top of the page is subtle and sophisticated, emphasizing the brand’s priorities. Easy to use rollover links make this site intuitive and interesting.

Script and Seal


Paired back minimalism and straightforward, to-the-point design leaves users quickly satisfied when they enter this site. The border and drop shadow around the prints really shows them off to their best advantage, and the button-effect rollover keeps customers clicking through.



The colors and layout of this website are clean and quirky, and similarly to Ork Posters, appeal to a design conscious target audience. The ‘Theo sells…’ drop down menus and fantastic dynamic imagery as you hover over links make the site easy to use and leaves users curious to see more.



Even though the ‘what is Blik?’ info gets lost below the fold, it’s not difficult to ascertain what they’re all about within seconds of opening the webpage. Blik’s ‘explore’ filters make shopping on this website easy, and encourage customers to do just that.

Le Coq Sportif

le coq

The large, bold image gallery in the center of the page is attention grabbing without being overpowering. The layout and clean color scheme means links still stand out enough to make the site intuitive while the standard ecommerce options at the top right of the page provide ease of use.



This site uses Flash but it’s still quick to load as they don’t go crazy using heavy graphics or fancy transitions. The site’s design reflects the brand personality, and it’s extremely easy to navigate. There’s a lot going on here to keep the user interested, but the site still manages not to look cluttered.

What to Take Away?

There are a few things that all of these sites seem to have in common: uncluttered layout, appropriate attention to the product, and ease of use.
Uncluttered Layout
This will make your site more visually appealing and avoids your customer feeling bombarded with information when they enter your site. Put the essentials on your homepage and let the customer explore for themselves.
Appropriate Attention to the Product
Beautiful, stylish and enticing photos of your product let it speak for itself. Often this means keeping them relatively minimalist – professionally photographed on a white background for example – to ensure that the quality of your goods is being properly emphasized.
Ease of Use
Visible carts and contents feature heavily on the sites above; it allows customers to constantly be in control of their purchases. Search boxes, ‘add to cart’, and ‘checkout’ buttons are also prominent on many of these sites.

Launching an ecommerce site doesn’t require a ton of technical knowledge if you use an ecommerce platform. Amazon’s ecommerce software client showcase offers many more examples that should inspire you to create a well-designed, usable and powerful ecommerce site perfect for getting you started.