10 Inventive Ways to Distribute Business Cards

People are experimenting more and more with business card designs, with edgy designs, different shapes and varied materials, so what do you do to ensure that your card sticks in the mind of your target audience? 

You move onto the next step, and give your imagination a free-rein with distribution ideas. These methods will work best if you have an unlimited supply of plastic and paper business cards, a lot of spare time, and aren’t afraid of losing a couple of cards along the way—but where’s the fun otherwise?

By balloon

As plastic cards are slightly weightier than their paper counterparts, why not try attaching them to a battalion of balloons and setting them free to roam across your city? A balloon is not only guaranteed to cheer someone up, assuming it doesn’t pop too early, and you may also have the added benefit of reaching a wider audience than you would by shaking hands and swapping cards with someone in the office next to yours.

By car

No, don’t go out and perform some sort of drive-by with business cards (you could poke an eye out). Build a giant Skrillex track through your next event and attach a selection of cards to the cars (sound crazy yet?). Even better, get a couple of remote controlled motors, and (sort of) personally deliver them straight to your unfortunate target. You might want to install some kind of horn on the car as well, just in case that person doesn’t have a habit of staring at their feet.

By boat

The wonderful, waterproof beauty of plastic cards means you can have a lot of fun with this delivery method. Make a raft out of your cards, or attach them to tiny remote controlled boats, and float them over to prospective business links. If you’re going fishing, and know the lake is popular with your target audience, why not attach cards to your fishing rod, and cast them over to other people’s boats? Surely you’ll get in someone’s way!

cards floor

Scatter in strange places

Make the innate nature of human curiosity work in your favor; leave business cards in weird places: anyone who stumbles across a card with a website on it is likely to have a quick search online. Pin your cards up on bulletin boards, slip them into library books, leave them in surrounding coffee shops, or lecture theaters—there is no where your cards can’t go.  If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try scattering them on picnic tables in the park – you never know who might be taking a walk (avoid anywhere that serves alcohol, unless you don’t mind receiving some odd messages) and make sure you aren’t littering in the process.

Credit: http://designbit.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/google-me-business-cards.jpg

Play with your food

Don’t just do the standard ‘put chocolates in a bag with your business card’ thing—go all out. Make a cake and decorate it with copies of your cards, serve tiny hors d’oeuvres using the cards as plates, or you can just stick a whole load of chocolate into a bag with your business card. Either way, you can’t go wrong with free food.

Credit: http://fortheloveofthedogblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/golden-mail.jpg

Animal bribery

To do this right, you first need to invest in the cutest, hairiest, cuddliest dog, cat, or pony you can afford. Then, get a saddlebag and fill it with your cards. Walk your cute animal to a busy corporate or university area, depending on what kind of market you’re after, and swap one hug with your pet for a business card.


Make a yellow brick road

If you have a lot of time (and a lot of patience) why not build your own version of Dorothy’s yellow brick road? Set up a trail out of your business cards that will lead people straight to your shop, gallery, or office; people will either be intrigued enough to follow it all the way to you or the destructive part of human nature will come out to play, and the cards will slowly start being removed (again, we hope you aren’t littering here). Even if you don’t distribute many business cards, it’ll be a good publicity stunt, and people will want to find out who you are.


House of cards

This is a pretty similar concept to the yellow brick road, but plays more heavily on the don’t-touch-now-have-to-touch concept. Build several small houses around the haunts of your target audience, like cafes, libraries, parks (if it’s not windy!) or at networking events. If you’ve got the skills, why not try to build a giant one, despite you having to order some A1 sized cards to achieve this. Even if people don’t take a card, they’ll be mightily impressed that you can build a house of cards.

Credit: http://www.inhabitat.com/wp-content/uploads/anotherbloomindesigner.jpg

Personalized messages

Everyone loves finding little cheer-up notes. Scribble a couple of messages onto your business cards and deposit them in places where people might need a smile. Try the bus, the train station, the bank, maybe a popular smoking areas, or just hand them out to strangers if they look a bit glum (maybe even bring your new pet). Even if the person who finds your message doesn’t need your services, you can guarantee they’ll mention your random act of kindness to someone else.


Free books

Head to a couple of charity shops and source out your favorite books, slip a business card inside, and start handing them out to the public. Not only will you be helping out several charities, you’ll be encouraging more people to read good books, as well as advertising yourself—can’t go wrong!

What are some of your favorite ways to get noticed? How are business cards relevant for you to find new clients?