10 Incredible Rat Pack Album & Poster Designs

Nostalgia, intrigue, mystery and hundreds of delicious tales, some told and others not, surround the mid-20th century performers known as the Rat Pack. Their classy playboy attitudes, incredibly groovy beats, made their lives the stuff of legends; at some point, every man fantasizes about having such power, influence, money, fame and all the women. These guys were cool cats, for sure, and here are 10 incredible designs that commemorate the Rat Pack, which you can use as inspiration for your own prints and posters.

Rat Pack by Themrock

Pack of Rats… by mensaman

The Rat Pack by youngEY

Art Deco:  THE RAT PACK by javiperillas

The Rat Pack by EDF59

The Rat Pack – Sammy Davis, Jr. by javiperillas

Frank Sinatra by Artistjoe73

Frank Sinatra by wedobear

Dean Martin by NeonBlackDays

The Rat Pack by gabrio76

Which are your favorite? Least favorite? Do you still listen to the Rat Pack now? Let us know in the comments below!