10 Hot Apps for Graphic Design

Few industries enjoy as much innovation as graphic design. Perhaps that’s because graphic designers have been driving technological advancements for the past 15 years. Here are some of the best apps to make you the best the biz.

What The Font Mobile

What The Font Mobile lets you identify cool fonts on the go by taking a snapshot with your phone.

Adobe Kuler

This app from Adobe lets you create and share color schemes. There are a lot of color scheme apps out there, but Adobe power makes this one intriguing.


Quickly and easily create mind maps and convert them to text outlines. Manage projects and plan your great ideas so you have clear direction.


Do you ever wish you could just grab your phone and make a quick sketch? Yep, there’s an app for that.


Brush up on your Photoshop skills any time, anywhere with this app that teaches professional tips and tricks on the go.

Sketchbook Pro

For $2, you can’t beat the power and versatility of this handy iPad application.


As its name suggests, this is a cropping tool that lets you instantly edit photos after taking a shot.


Another snapshot app, but with a twist: this one lets you take panoramic shots and upload them to your computer for professional editing.

Design Brief 2

Getting on the same page with new clients isn’t always easy, and when you miss the mark you can end up wasting a lot of billable hours. This app guides you through the interview process so you ask new clients the right questions and understand exactly what they want before you start working.


Another Adobe project, Proto lets you wireframe websites, applications, and more right from your tablet.

What do you think of our collection? Just scratching the service of the plethora of industry design apps, which are your favorites? What do you use the most?