10 Creative Websites Gone Mobile

As the rise of smartphones and intelligent mobile UIs are beginning to invade our web ecosystem, designing or developing these badboys can be a little daunting. Get inspired with these 10 creative mobile sites and start building one today.


A simple design that works by getting to the point. This clothes business shows off its stock in an impressive manner by using large images, that display on most smartphones. Threadless lets the products speak for themselves—it’s not always about text.


Contrary to Threadless, sites like ESPN mobile rely on written content wholeheartedly, accomplishing this challenge by keeping the front page relatively uncluttered. A simple photograph for the more important content, with additional headings/links below, is all you need your hot sports news.


An exercise in colour, Brightkite shows how a small colour palette is all you need. Follow-up with big links and a contrast of small symbols in the same color scheme, it’s easy to see how this design comes together. It offers everything you need on an easy to understand level, something visitors will no doubt appreciate.

VW Beetle

Essentially a billboard on a phone, the VW beetle website has a simple philosophy—large product picture with only the most pertinent information, giving just enough to grab and entice viewers. Complemented by simple site navigation, it’s as easy as reading a magazine.

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages implements a lot of their brand on their somewhat simple, but focused, website. The color choice makes it distinctive, and with large search functions, the site does everything you could want from it without losing focus of their brand.


Reebok offers a great example of website design. Large images and a low emphasis on text make for a nice, easily navigable experience. This is furthered by alternating text colour when browsing various items, a smart way to avoid accidental miss-clicks.


A fantastic example of maintaining the main websites style and image, the use of text and fonts makes for a dramatic appearance without cutting corners. The website works perfectly while reflecting the tone of the company.

H & M

It doesn’t get any more simple then this. A simple home page offers a store locator up front with large, colourful photographs used to promote the products.


A website dedicated to promotion, Gatorade offers a simple scroll menu, and a fun stylish way of promoting their products, leaving nearly the entire screen free for large images. This site is easy on the eyes.


Sometimes you need a lot of information on screen, sometimes its just photos. Flickr does this well using clean organization and icon arrangement to create a seamless design. On click through, the single image dominates the page and provides colour and attention.

Which are your favorites? Do you have some favorite mobile sites we didn’t feature here?