Vintage Coke Pop Can Designs

While visiting a friend a few weeks ago I noticed this collection of vintage Coke cans, so I figured I would share them with the Inspiredology community.

These can designs are a great example of how some design styles never really go out of style. A few of these designs look slightly dated, yet others look as though they could have been released last week. I played around with a few of these and they can be used to make some very cool vectors or brushes, try it out.


  • Brilliant! I particularly like the “Lichtenstein” style one. My dad collects all things Coke and I’m sure that he would give his eye teeth to add these to his collection! Do you happen to know approximate years for these?

    • Hi Amy, thanks for the comment!
      I was told the approximate age of these cans are 20 – 25 years, not sure of the exact year though!

  • WOW! Cool designs.

  • I think I prefer these to the current ones!

    • Hi Heather, Yes I agree!

      We should use this post as a jump off point to convince Coke to do a new run of great can designs!

      Dear Coke: Inspiredology would be more than happy to facilitate some sort of contest 😉

  • Classic! Wonder who designed these. 🙂

  • Beautiful vintage Coke can designs

  • Chris

    I still got all of them – I was a big fan of design even in my childhood!

  • vintage coke pop can designs

  • lindos RT @rhuubarbidoo vintage coke pop can designs

  • Lindos: vintage coke pop can designs (@galantini @rhuubarbidoo

  • Vintage coke pop can designs (via @galantini)

  • RT @galantini: lindos RT @rhuubarbidoo vintage coke pop can designs

  • Hi in which country does coca cola manufacturers produced this kind of designs for their products.this designs are really cool .

  • Tyler

    These are Canadian – at least I got all of mine in Canada aboot 20 years ago when I was a kid. There was a winter series the same year – the only one I can remember from that series was a snowman playing a very 80s electric guitar and doing a rock-kick.

  • Chris

    The also got these cans in Germany. There were two series in the 80ies.

  • Great find, some of these easily could work in todays times! I love the last one.

  • bebopdesigner

    If any of us actually remembers having one of these, it clearly means WE’RE OLD. Great collection by the way. Thanks for posting

  • @ bebopdesigner… Not ‘old’…’Classic’ =)

  • Really really nice! Love! It clearly was better in the god old days!

  • oh and sorry. The “Classic” days. ;P

  • emzak

    Love them! Are they for sale yet? Greetings from Sweden

  • Very cool. Thanks for putting this together. I think I like the second group the most. I wonder what Coke would do today if they ran a similar campaign?

  • Metal Queen

    I have most of these. Saved them when I was a kid back in the 80s.

    They appear to be the old 280ml Canadian cans that were made out steel.

    Any idea if they are worth anything? I heard that they’re worth more if the tops aren’t open (you drain from the bottom with a nail).

  • I remember these well. My best friends dad designed these- Steve Blair. While with McCann MacLaren. Incredible creative mind for both tv and print.

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing. These are awesome.

  • very nice and creative! good looking 🙂
    I love it very much!!

  • beth – vintage designer

    not so Stirling- Steve Blair could only have designed the group with the sunglasses since I designed the Lichtenstein – I still have the original unassembled can from the press approval for this one. I also designed the lips cans and my husband Michael designed the car and building can-the fifth can (snowmen) was also designed at Toronto studio Quadra Graphics. The sunglasses series was done later and yes, the original collectible idea came from Germany. These were designed for Crown Cork and Seal.

    Don’t believe everything you read on the net.

  • Those are some really great cans, they need to remake those again!

  • angelea

    awesome! .. :] i love the designs on the cans..

  • naturedog

    collection is cute but how can a can of coke be used to make some vectors or brushes??

  • Vintage Coke Pop Can Designs [pic]

  • This is a brilliant collection, they should bring out a limited period of retro designs again.

  • RT @gariphic: Vintage Coke Can Designs | Inspiredology

  • Layered branding. Nice. RT @gariphic Vintage Coke Pop Can Designs | Inspiredology

  • Vintage coke cans – cooler than today's and still in style in my opinion:

  • I'm diggin' on these vintage, specialty Coke can designs. Thanks Inspiredology.

  • RT @abbyannette Vintage coke cans – cooler than today's and still in style in my opinion:

  • Vintage Coke Pop Can Designs | Inspiredology: via

  • RT @tweetmeme Vintage Coke Pop Can Designs | Inspiredology

  • Vintage Coke Pop Can Designs | Inspiredology: via

  • wow, it’s really fabulous. and you’ve got really many trackbacks here. ^^ good posting!

  • and i would like to introduce this post on my blog. Can I?

  • Tucker

    Don’t forget about the early 90’s “OK Soda” cans designed by graphic novelist Charles Burns!

  • Oujay

    Nice find! You say some of these designs look just like they could have been released last week. Well, it seems Coca Cola have re-released at least one of the designs, the yellow-ish one infact, recently in a slightly updated version in Poland! My mate brought it to me from Spain the other week. (Yes, they seriously seem to be selling polish coke cans in Spain, don’t ask me why…)

  • Some very cool vintage coke can designs.

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  • thanks for sharing

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  • Really interesting set of designs, I wonder what drove Coke to put these out previously in certain countries, and what has kept them from repeating this promotion in current times.

  • Quality designs… I remember a couple of them! do any of them they still have the coke in 🙂

  • I wonder what drove Coke to put these out previously in certain countries, and what has kept them from repeating this promotion in current times.

  • Very smart and unique, Thank you for sharing.

  • Andrew,

    Beautiful vintage Coke Designs,

    but want to know who designed these:p

    Thanks for sharing !

  • Ryan

    I have all of the cans, does anyone know what they may be worth?

  • Those are awesome designs. The second can in particular strikes me as if it could almost have been designed by Andy Warhol.

    Well spotted, and gratz to Ryan for having them. 😉

  • Blair

    Wow I cant believe i came across this.I remember these can’s from when I was a kid.It is as if it was yesterday that I remember drinking out of these cans.Though it was 25 years ago.It is funny how somethings seem like it was just yesterday.Thanks for sharing.I also remember old Pepsi cans with a winter theme from my childhood.

  • These are awesome — Andy Warhol meets Coca-Cola. I like it.

    If you like vintage Coke products, take a look at this set of Coca-Cola matches…

    Thanks for sharing.


  • You have a quite different idea,It sounds really amazing !

  • nice post, i wish they put a bit more effort into the aesthetics of product packaging these days, most of them seem to play it safe and traditional

  • Tammy Gutziet

    These are the cans that started my collection way back in the 80’s

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  • David Anderson

    These vintage Coke cans where in fact designed at Quadra Graphics in Toronto Canada, with Beth and her husband Michael being the principal designers for most of the cans in the series.

    The studio won a Gold Award at the 1989 PAC-EX COMPETITION in the Metal Container category….I hope this helps clear things up?

    David Anderson
    President, Quadra Graphics
    Toronto, Canada

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  • Great photos of these unique Coke cans! I’m sure it was more expensive to produce so many colours on one can. These were produced before 1986. Seems these days they only come out with a creative can when there’s a movie tie-in. Here’s some photos from my Coke Can blog: