The Art of Online Storytelling

It’s all the craze these days, parallax scrolling single page websites. Sure they are over-done, but there are a few exceptional designers who have taken this effect and built a compelling story whilst creating a great user experience. Using several effects, and careful narration, you can subtly mesh into design techniques to create an experience that doesn’t make you feel that it’s just following trend.

These sites are more about the story and the emotion that a visitor gets from navigating than being hip. Designers have taken the next steps and moved past just design, it’s about capturing the visitor with content and creating something that is more than just clicks; connecting to the reader, giving them a visual storytelling adventure.

Whether it is for a personal wedding website, a product based story or maybe an agency promoting their services, they all have their stories to tell and these examples do it perfectly.

*Not all these sites use the parallax effect, but they all tell a great story.



Everyday Photos

Mercedes Benz A-Class



Old Barber Shop

Adidas Design Studio


Milwaukee Police News

Jess and Russ


Peugeot Hybrd4

Grandpa’s Ballsack

Are there some that missed the list? Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

  • The examples are pretty cool, but to be honest, I found some of the sites confusing from the UI side of things. I enjoyed Peugeot Hybrd4 comic book style artwork, but it took a minute to figure out that the four modes of transportation were not changeable. The site revealed each mode as you scrolled through the story.

    Personally, I would rather have interactive options. If I choose [this option] then the story will shift to accommodate.

    Mercedes Benz A-Class had a nice idea, but at the same time it felt like you had to scroll a million time around to get the information.

    Spell Tower was one of the few that was done well. It was clean, fast, well designed, and got straight to the point.