36 Examples of Textures used in Web Design

A great way to add depth to a website these days is to help create more of a dynamic environment, or portray a lifelike material. These days, you can’t go a day without seeing at least 5 or 6 tweets about free textures, or “Retweet to win premium textures”. We are even guilty for offering a few texture freebies as well. Textures have been a driving force for a lot of websites, and rightfully so.. why not bring outside inspirations to our computer screens.

Here we have 36 examples of textures used in Web Design, not only as backgrounds but textures can be applied to a lot of different web elements. You should notice that as textures have been part of website backgrounds for quite a while, designers are now putting textures on the forefront.

Picture 30

Picture 33

Picture 15

Picture 19

Picture 32

Picture 52

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Picture 13

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Picture 29

Picture 16

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Picture 14

Picture 35

Picture 8

Picture 10

Picture 9

Picture 7

Picture 5

Picture 3

Picture 4

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Picture 11

Picture 6

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  • http://yonglin.sg Yonglin

    Great Collection!

  • patty

    great collection! gotta find tutorials on using texture creatively.

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Victoria Web

    This collection of textured backgrounds are excellent. The designs that have added texture, have a more defined style and depth of design, making them more interesting and appealing to the relevant audience.

  • tim

    But what about load times? These textures aren’t 20x20px squares repeated; these are large complex backgrounds. Don’t these have a negative impact on page load?

  • http://www.kamikazemusic.com Dave Sparks

    @Tim I would imagine there is a slight delay with some sites loading but a little bit of effort into optimisation and some focus on tiling properly and they wouldn’t be a problem.
    Increasingly people are designing for now commonplace broad band connections and the load factor is much less of an issue, although with google recently saying faster websites may rank higher we may see a shift but no doubt not at the expense of the creative.

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    thanks for insipiration

  • http://esquareda.com Eric E. Anderson

    Thanks for the mention, Chad… proud to be part of such a great collection!

  • http://www.cmykpublicidad.es CMYK

    Nice colletion!!! great work!

  • http://www.bwsolution.com Dimpal

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  • http://twitter.com/simonhume/status/4147723228 Simon Hume

    delicious: 36 Examples of Textures used in Web Design http://bit.ly/PqBa2

  • http://twitter.com/ecaldeira/status/4485644207 Elsi

    RT @tweetmeme 36 Examples of Textures used in Web Design | Inspiredology http://bit.ly/IZQb3

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    36 examples of texture use in web design http://tinyurl.com/lzm7qt

  • http://twitter.com/tkawaidesign/status/4562757792 Tomo Kawai

    RT @JoshuaFrankel: 36 examples of texture use in web design http://tinyurl.com/lzm7qt

  • http://www.thebros.net Mario Pellegrini

    Real inspiration. Thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/dizajner/status/4576779749 Igor Micov

    36 Examples of Textures used in Web Design | http://bit.ly/PbLO5

  • http://twitter.com/jackbremer/status/4694294231 jackbremer

    Some very cool uses of textures and photorealism in #webDesign http://su.pr/1IpZTC @alexbremer @jfraserj

  • http://twitter.com/pixel_jockey/status/4896401293 Eric Noguchi

    36 Examples of Textures used in Web Design http://short.to/ow2a

  • http://twitter.com/verycoolwebsite/status/5347192493 Very Cool Web Sites

    36 Textures by Inspiredology, thanx!!! http://bit.ly/PbLO5

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    36 Examples of Textures used in #webdesign http://bit.ly/8j37Lb

  • http://twitter.com/designely/status/7173510867 Gennice Yuppy

    36 Examples of Textures Used in Web Design: http://bit.ly/g0zTZ

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