Shiny Layer Style Text Effect

This tutorial will guide you threw creating an awesome shiny text effect using Photoshop‘s built in Layer Styles. Layer Styles are a flexible way of styling your text in Photoshop. You can copy Layer Styles to other pieces of text and adjust the styles easily, nothing is permanent.

The Final Result

If you follow this quick tutorial this is what you should end up with:

If you would like you can download the PSD source file here:

Step 1 – Create New Document

Create a new Photoshop document. Make it 600 x 400 pixels.

Step 2 – Set Background

Make your background layer black. Shift + D will reset your Foreground and Background colours to Black and White respectively. Then hit Shift + Alt + Backspace, that will fill your layer with the Foreground colour.

Make a new layer and create a white radial gradient from the center of the document. Drop that layer’s Opacity down to 25%.

Step 3 – Add Type

Set your Foreground colour to white then select the type tool. Chose your font and type whatever you want. The font I used was Rockwell.

Step 4 – Create the Layer Style

To set up a Layer Style right click on the text layer and find Blending Options from the menu. (Right Click Layer > Blending Options)

Drop Shadow:

Colour: #000000

Inner Shadow:

Colour: #FFFFFF

Gradient Overlay:

Colour: #000000 to #D9D9D9

This is what you should see after you have applied the layer style.

You could stop here, or we could kick it up a notch!

Step 5 – Shiny Layer

  1. Select the pen tool and draw a white shape over top of your text.
  2. Ctrl + Left Click on the white box with a T in it to select the text layer.
  3. Select the the white shape layer. Than go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection.
  4. Drop the Opacity of the Shiny Layer down to 60%. Than repeat these steps for any other text you have created.

Step 6 – Adding Colour

Create a New Layer and add a colourful gradient. Set the layer’s Blending Mode to Multiply.

Step 7 – Texture

Find a nice subtle texture online. I usually find what I’m looking for on Lost and Taken. Once you get your texture, create a new top layer and paste in your texture. Adjust the size and colour of the texture as needed then set the Blending mode to Overlay.

You could always take this further by adding reflections and/or a background pattern.

  • grizzly19

    This is just great! So simple but so cool. Thank you very much…

  • What A Great Tips !!! Thanks A loT It’s Really A Good Shot To Shift My Way Of Workin’ On Photoshop :)=

  • So cool! Thanks for sharing the tutorial 🙂

  • Really Great thanks for sharing very useful

  • Thanks everyone, I’m glad you all liked it!

    Hopefully you can add some of these techniques into your work-flow to make things a little faster and more flexible.

  • musc

    many thanks for this very nice text effects

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