28 Minimalist Movie Posters

I am so excited for this post, I love movies and I love movie posters. I love walking into a theatre and checking out all the new upcoming movie posters. I will admit movie posters have become more of a mainstream promotional tool for the actors. There is less design and meaning to a poster these days – posters feature the main actor with some sort of explosion or montage of supporting actors.

I have recently become a huge fan of redesign minimalist movie posters that are simple symbols from a movie. The posters below are movies that are somewhat popular, or have some sort of following. The artists usually design these posters because they love the movie, and there is a specific message or symbol that represents that title. The posters convey a message so perfectly that make these art pieces clever, subtle and awesome.

  • Awesome post! So many cool posters to see, I could easily have every one of these hanging on my wall!

    Nowadays film posters are far too blown out and as you mentioned constantly featuring the actors in a giant advertisement, isn’t a single theme/idea or story good enough to represent on a poster anymore?

    Thanks for this post… as a huge film fan this is a great collection to check out!

  • These posters are awesome! Thanks for sharing. I love the simplicity and use of texture.

  • Dan

    Love these posters – I suspect that all of them only make sense after you’ve seen the actual film and get the visual references!

  • All these posters looks fantastic. Very simple and creatively designed.

  • A brilliant collection of movie posters here. As you and others have said it does make a nice change to see a movie poster that breaks away from the norm, one that actually provokes thought, and can hold the viewers attention without using explosions, a badly staged montage of the cast or partial nudity. The simple nature of the posters forces the viewer to look further into it to find the true meaning behind it. A particular favourite of mine is the ‘Jurassic park’ poster. It is amazing how such a small image of a glass holding rippled water can provoke a whole host of thoughts and memories.
    Well done on a great post.

  • These are really fun simplistic film poster that you can only relate to if you have seen the film.

  • The Star Wars poster is particularly geeky 🙂

  • Thanks everyone for the great comments – I wonder if it would be fun to do another post with todays crap posters – it might be funny…

    If anyone has any other posters to share – please upload them to our flickr group or put a url here…

  • These posters are nice.I particularly like the “up”one.

  • Titanic FTW

  • Wow, these posters are awesome!! So many Great representations of iconic films!

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • This is a lifetime supply of awesomeness..

  • magnificent posters ! Thanks for sharing

  • I particularly like the ones from Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park and Home Alone.
    Check out my collection of photo montages:

  • Shikha

    i especially liked the shawshank redemption and titanic. I too think that having watched the movies adds to greater understanding, still they all communicate well. Brilliant!

  • I don’t get the one from Independence day… Someone?

  • thanks Chad for this very interesting collection of minimalist movie posters – the essence is more important. Often one finds that these posters make sense only if one has seen the movie or is aware of the plot.
    but nevertheless a very good exercise in meaning making and symbolism.

    I personally love the one for ‘titanic’.

  • MitchMontoya – In the movie Will Smith always smokes a cigar after a mission is over, he smokes one after he captures an alient – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiywbKSlvi4

    and then at the end of the movie – Jeff Goldblum and Smith smoke their cigars when they think they might die…

  • syesen

    great inspiring, my fav one is TITANIC,,,, i think i sholud some of the movies which i dint see to understand the poster , y u used the particular thing, many poster i got it… only some , .. wil watch those soon..
    keep up the work

  • These rock! Plain and simple — all brilliant — even if you HAVEN’T seen the films, they are still wonderfully simple, but incredibly effective works of art. Beauty in simplicity in it’s purest form! I have become such a proponent of this style, liking the ideas so much – aside from being a film freak – that I started my own pet projects. Check out some the new stuff here >> http://tinyurl.com/2ccvogh


  • Ruark

    Please release high res versions of these so I can print them for our office. These are amazing!

  • ishaan

    where can i buy them?

  • are these actual posters? i remember back to the future poster was not like this.

  • I’m totally thrilled by simple and abstract movie posters and your collection is a manifestation for this passion!

    My favourite ones are from Graphic Nothing and Pedro Vidotto. But I think that there are much more posters that should be promoted so what do you think about a second series?

    You even helped me writing a post on my own blog. I selected two posters of this collection and analised the style of them: http://momentanaufnahme.patlkli.org/2011/02/03/weil-das-leben-schwer-genug-ist-minimalistische-filmplakate-im-fokus/

    Keep on rockingg!

  • Interesting and creative examples.

  • thanks Chad for this very interesting collection of minimalist movie posters – the essence is more important. Often one finds that these posters make sense only if one has seen the movie or is aware of the plot.
    but nevertheless a very good exercise in meaning making and symbolism.

  • I love minimalist movie art. I love also, how there is a challenge to be original. Break away from the cliche. I feel that when you do that the poster will inspire the veiwer to remember their personal experience of the FILM not the symbol.

  • Nice collection!
    I’m working on something similar… feel free to check it out! 😉 http://www.behance.net/gallery/Readymade-movie-posters/1182323

  • Jake

    what is the meaning of the Full Metal Jacket poster?

  • @jake remember the jelly donut?

  • Didier

    All these work so well, straight to the point.

    Here is my version.


  • Erp

    I love minimalistic style, everything is very simple but in the same time brilliant!

  • kapil

    i really like the minimalistic approch to each one. i am also working on similar stuff, but i just have one query that if us making these posters and if plan to sell as print, will production houses or original right holdes of film have problem with that?