Inspired by Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo

This is a small post, but I had to blog about it. I came across this very cool set of images by JTPhotos on Flickr.. I am not a car buff or anything, but this is somewhat very inspiring. This is one of the coolest things I have seen.

A Lamborghini Gallardo covered in Sharpie marker,(I love Sharpies) then clear coated to protect this amazing work of art. The detail and time that went into this amazing piece of work. It almost looks like this white car got a tattoo.






  • Jurjen74

    Whoa… That’s butt ugly

  • Hey dude, that is a great find, that is some serious design skills!

  • Max

    Woah!!! Do you by any chance know how long it took to cover the whole car with the design?

  • I believe it was a 2 week process… it’s crazy eh!!

  • That’s quite the ride!

  • Kat

    That is… wow! It’s easy to doodle on a car (hehe) but to make it this amazing is… wow.

  • Phouv

    I am an artist/designer so I can honestly say that its beautiful. But why would you tattoo a Lamborgihni? Lamborgihni is like an art on its own – beautiful as is. Its like having a beautiful women beside you but its not enough so you ahead and tattoo her entire body to attract more attention.

  • shadow

    this is the sickest set of wheels none to man nothin compares to the awsomeness of this car carved by the hand of god or the person who did it but it is the sickest work of art i or any man have ever laid there eyes on

  • that is so awesome

  • windboi

    wow, it’s rock !

  • this is SICK!!!

  • this is SICK!!!

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