Happy Birthday Inspiredology

Inspiredology’s first annual Birthday Bash has officially begun.. I am not sure how long it’s going to go on.. but we are going to ride it out as long as we can. One day is not enough.. so I am thinking maybe 2 weeks would be better….

I am so excited for the new redesign, I hope everyone likes it. I tried to incorporate a lot of your feedback that I collected over the past year. When I started Inspiredology this time last year, I just wanted to get a blog up and running, and see if anyone would enjoy my inspirations. It turned out that quite a bit of you have latched on to the Inspiredology train.

The Rookie Season

So after diving into a design last year, the blog basically offered the posts, some navigation within pages, and categories. I started getting some advertiser’s on board. I thought that I had something to be proud of. Everyone seemed to like the artistic paper theme, some people enjoyed the polar bears, some didn’t. I am still not sure where they came from, I just really liked them, they had no significance what so ever.

Throughout the year, Inspiredology has seen some highs and lows. We were down for 2-3 weeks in July to August with virus issues, not liked by Google. A very hectic time with servers, but we finally bounced back and are sitting on a new server which we are very happy with.

We were lucky enough to be featured on Smashing Magazine a few times (which was simply amazing, it’s my number#1 website) I hope to have some more good news revolving around Smashing Magazine in the near future as well. StumbleUpon users have been extremely good to the website, as we have received a whole whack of visitors from that.

For all you stat lovers out there… here’s how Inspiredology did last year.

Inspiredology Numbers

96 Posts

1155 Approved Comments

784,643 Visits

1,586,357 Pageviews

63% Bounce Rate

2:00 Average time on site

2250 Subscribers

Most Popular Posts

Cool Business Cards

Great Movie Posters 2

Part 1: 125 Concert Posters

Inspiring Work Environments

120 Brilliant Logos

Another stat I am very proud of is that Inspiredology has reached 195 Countries.

Inspiredology 2009

With all those stats out of the way, we can talk about the awesome future of Inspiredology. As you all know, the redesign is out… so please look around, let us know if there is anything that isn’t working properly. We are working out the bugs as we find them, we hope there aren’t too many. You might have also noticed, that there has been a few new bloggers around here. Andrew jumped on board at the start of 2009, and I have been working with some other guest bloggers as well. I have also partnered with a few bigger named bloggers to guest blog on here and for me to guest blog on them. Jacob Cass from Just Creative Design as well as Steven Snell from Vandelay Design. I am also working on a few other guest post jobs that I am really excited for.

If anyone is interested in contributing to Inspiredology, we are always looking for some new ideas. So please don’t hesitate to email me muellerchad[at]gmail.com.

This week you should expect some new features being added to the posting schedule and blog. The birthday bash starts off today with the redesign debut.. and later this week we will be offering the same great posts we always do as well as a few new features. Next week we will be running our next contest. So far with the prizes I have you will want to be part of this… we have a lot of great give-a-ways lined up. Be sure to subscribe to the rss feed to stay up to date.

Last but not least, I have to thank everyone who has subscribed, commented, submitted bugs, issues and feedback. I would also like to thank the sponsors for Inspiredology, as well as everyone who has donated products or services for the giveaways we started late in 2008. This is something that I am looking to do more often in 2009.

Thank You’s


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  • Daan Weijers

    Love the new look ;), awesome!
    Congratulations, and thanks for last year.
    I hope Inspiredology will just become even bigger, better, faster and stronger this year 😀

  • Daan Weijers

    Sorry for the double comment, but you might want to make the flasks a home link 😉
    Also, my gravatar isn’t showing 🙂

  • Matt French

    Happy birthday Inspiredology!

    Great work Chad. The re-design looks stellar!


  • Daan – No problem for the double comment, great feedback…. I adjusted the gravatars, I will work on making the header a link to the home page.

    Matt – Thanks, hope to have you on here guest posting

  • Great to put a face to the name, Chad (I can’t remember seeing a photo on the last design of your site).

    Happy site birthday too!

  • kmh

    Happy birthday Inspiredology!

  • David,

    yeah I didn’t have any pics on there… the site is more personal this way

    thanks for the support

  • Hey Chad,
    I was curious to finally see the new design of this blog !
    I prefer this one without any hesitation !
    2 little things maybe I’m a bit cut-hairy but I see a little differencies of color between the rss image and the header background.
    The second thing is just a remark, to my mind some little graphic details could be added on the brown top menu because it’s a bit simple… And adding some light on the header (behind the test-tube for example) could highlight its and made its more friendly… To give positive feeling, I like the transparency effect on the Recent Comment background. It adds some contrast and makes the text more readable
    But I think you have allready spend lot of time for this redesign and to give a global opinion, you have done a great job !
    So, Happy Birthday and long life to this blog !
    ps : My Appologize to the readers for this bad language…I’m french 🙂

  • Hey chad! happy birthday! Inspiredology it’s been one of best sites, if not the best, when searching for inspiration.
    I really like the new redesing tho i’d would change just two minor things
    – Do you really need the blue line at the bottom the footer?
    – What about this blue rectangles in the comments, I think the eyes concentrate first on that blue zone and then on the content, what do you think about it?

    Just this :D, keep the good content flowing for another year please!

  • Happy birthday Inspiredology!