• Love it, Chad. Always finding awesome stuff.

  • Chad great as always love the Friday fix, there’s a nice collection of unique websites here the style, colours and design really stand out from the others. I’ve never used tubalr I only just discovered it after visiting your post…This is why I like the Friday fix blog… I’m always discovering something new.

  • Thanks guys – I myself love the Fix – makes me actually go out and search for these awesome time wasters or inspirations

  • jason

    So nice website powered by wordpress, and it looks very perfect. I wonder how you did this. I recently want to integrate my site statinternet with the wordpress, could you give me some advices, I am really eager for them.

  • The above shown Web designs are very interesting to watch. Thanks for the list!

  • I am really curious how much time took you before you learnt how to design like this.

  • Some very nice inspiring work you have compiled here. Thank you for sharing!!