Freedom of Doodles

Doodling is not something you think long and hard about. It comes naturally to many of us. Out of boredom at endless meetings, during dull phone conversations and long commutes, doodling is a simple, mindless activity that can be surprisingly creative and… inspiring.
I’ve been doodling as long as I can remember… In school, I couldn’t stand the pristine whiteness of pages in the new notebooks – had to cover them with little scribbles. Now, as I look around, doodles are more popular than ever. They actually made it pretty much into all aspects of our lives. You’d be surprised!

Doodles are on TV, yes, that’s right. Case in point- Season 5 of Project Runway:

Interior and Product Designs have certainly dipped it’s virtual toes in doodling pool. From vinyl decals and wallpaper to down right doodling on floors!




Textiles that began as doodles on a piece of paper:

Fashion & Jewelry designers use doodles a lot:


Would you like a cup of doodles? Here you go:


Environmental Art, is just doodling on a large scale:


Advertising is just brimming with doodles:


Last but not least – web design:





Not to mention the places where I suppose you’d expect to see doodling the most – journaling, street graffiti, lettering (hand-written and typography), artists sketchbooks and graphic design.

Opportunities for doodling are endless! You don’t need any fancy equipment, or even skill to try it. The freedom is the second nature for doodling, so there are no artistic standards or restrictions to worry about! Any place, any time, you can doodle for fun, relaxation or to give your tired brain a little jolt of creativity! Let the doodles (together with creative juices ;)) flow from the tip of your pen/pencil and onto the scrap of paper you’re using.

Here are some links to few of our favorite doodling exercises and articles lovingly collected from all around the web:

* Great article by LaurenMarie @ Creative Curio for mental and physical doodling as a way to combat designers’ block.

* Illustration Class led by the super talented designer and artist Von Glitschka is all about doodling exercises, complete with PDF instructions and excellent progress photos of projects by the author himself.

* For something totally different and fun, take in one of Daily Monster’s videos by Stefan Bucher and then go ahead, try creating one yourself!

* Or how about engaging in some Digi-Doodling at Veer?

Over at Doodlage, we (LeO and RaShell) are on a mission to elevate doodling to an art status it certainly deserves. Come, come out of the doodling closet, join the ranks (no registration required, just curiosity and good spirit), and you will be inspired as well! We love, love, love when people leave comments and send us links to all kinds of unexpected doodlyshness! And if you follow RaShell on Twitter you’ll be the first to know about the important news in the doodle-world. Doodlage even has an Etsy store, that features doodles by RaShell. Check it out for very unusual and fun gifts and art.


  • Way cool, RaShell! That environmental art by Jim Devevan is crazy! How can he keep such a large image in his head while he’s only working on a small portion at a time??

    Thanks for the link to my article, too šŸ™‚

  • Brilliant stuff here…I’m always doodling…I should really compile everything together onto one large doodle page…

  • Very interesting and inspiring post. It’s unbelievable where we might stumble upon another curious doodle. Though some of the doodles mentioned here cross more into traditional drawing rather than just an idle doodle šŸ™‚

  • Super cool compilation! Love the pillows and the ad with/without glasses! hilarious!

  • [Design] Freedom of Doodles (from Inspiredology)

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  • Logo Design Guru

    that’s great that you pointed this out. It’s very true that simple doodles can become major art works. Some of them are really great too. I sometimes prefer them over finalized pieces.

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  • Dipp

    It seems to me that this doodle trend exploded after Napoleon Dynamite became popular.
    Now I think it’s a trend that must die, since eeeeeeeeeverybody is over using it.

    Also, I’ve seen my fair share of people using this “style”/trend as a cheap excuse for their rushed and mediocre designs.

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  • Freedom of Doodles: So pretty ^^

  • RT @mayhemstudios: Freedom of Doodles Inspiration Websites. #webdesgin

  • @jeff_finley doodles inspiration

  • Marivic

    really Inspiring..

  • Freedom of Doodles

  • Freedom of Doodles

  • Going to go dream about doodling on the walls. Good night. Freedom of Doodles –

  • Pretty much all.

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    great ,helping me alot

  • Freedom of Doodles

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