For Your Inspiration: Videos that Land You the Job

Weekly web series to bring you a small dose of inspiration. Join us as we tap into the designer’s itch for all things artistic, trendy, and otherwise magical.

Bastiaan Koch – VFX SHOWREEL from Bastiaan Koch on Vimeo.

Eric D. Legare 2012 Demo Reel from Eric D Legare on Vimeo.

Rainfall Showreel 2012 from Rainfall on Vimeo.

2012 Reel from leftchannel on Vimeo.

MOGWILE REEL 2012 from Moist Creation on Vimeo.

  • The Mogwile’s Showreel is very actual and creative, best work in your selection.

  • Loving these showreels. Thanks for the heads up… think we might have to produce something similar showcasing our own work.