• I would love some business cards like that…I love the embossed area. Great design.

  • Hey Tashin,
    Thanks for the nice words. Glad to hear you liked the design.
    Take care, Michiel

  • Love your design. The colour scheme is awesome.

  • I love the color scheme you used, I’m in the process of designing some flyers / leaflets for my little website but I want to match them with my website… Now I hate my website color scheme lol.

  • Hey Indika, thanks for the compliments!

    Hey Bybe, I think you shouldn’t be too rigid about using the exact colors of the website on your flyer. Just experiment a little! For example, I noticed that on your website you use a range of grays and a tint of red. Maybe you can make the colours on your flyer a little more lively by adding another colour like purple or blue maybe! A nice technique for incorporating a new colour is adding a photo with that colour in it. You can easily take, for example, a picture of a business man and photoshop his tie to be the exact colour you need in your design. This makes it easy to use that colour in different elements on your flyer without it looking disconnected!