Best Fonts for Headlines

The main purpose of a blog headline is to grab readers’ attention and draw them into the posting. However, developing an effective headline doesn’t just involve choosing the correct wording.

Headline creation is also dependent on the typeface. Certain typefaces portray specific moods and attitudes. For example, it’s ineffective to select a comical typeface for a serious headline. To help you begin developing your headline creation skills, the following are three typeface styles that are used most commonly by bloggers to add some punch to your blog postings.

1. Big and Loud

201 \ 24-08-10 \ 'nuff said

If the main style of your blog is punchy and designed to get in the faces of your readers, then big, bold and loud typefaces are the best options to attract reader attention. The top bold typefaces include Nevis, Franklin Gothic Heavy, and Frutiger 95 Ultra Black. When using a heavy typeface such as these, your blog posting will command reader attention and demand to be heard. However, use caution with bold headlines because they can turn readers away if used excessively.

2. A Lighter Approach


Of course, no blogs want shout at readers, but rather coax them in with a lighter approach. If this sounds more like your blog, then a lighter typeface such as Myriad Pro or Angleterre Book is more appropriate. Lighter typefaces often don’t make a strong impression compared to bolder options, but they can be more effective when drawing audience members for lighter reading topics.

3. Going Modern

Henry's Pub - Wednesday Night Shakedown

Since blogging is such a modern approach to reaching out to audiences, modern typefaces are often the most effective headline options. Many modern fonts are now available but the top few that regularly beat out the competition include Bebas, Gnuolane, and Museo. Modern fonts are appropriate for a variety of blog topics and are typically the safest options to use in most situations. Of course, if your blog mainly discusses historical matters, then modern fonts probably won’t be effective.

Downloading Fonts


Now that you are aware of the three most effective typeface styles for blog headlines, you are likely wondering where to find and download font options. Most fonts are available for free from such top websites as FontSquirrel and DaFont. Use caution when downloading fonts, however, because some have specific guidelines on how they can be used.

If you can’t find the perfect font on these websites, many more premium options are available, but beware that they are only downloadable for a price. One perk of purchasing premium typefaces is they are typically offered for commercial use.

Selecting an appropriate font for your blog headline often means the difference between attracting readers and sending your posting into a dark void to never be heard from again. Hopefully the above three examples provided insight on how you can improve your blog and begin cultivating a larger following. The blog industry is rapidly expanding so you must design every aspect of each posting, from the headline typeface to the blog structure, to appeal to potential readers.

  • Some good points. I think headlines are great and important but I think great imagery yields more effective results. Looking at the trend of how people access information and keep interest in something particular is due to some relevant imagery. Part of this is the problem of people having “short attention spans” due to the nature of blogging; We (users) want to know that which we are looking at is relevant, quality information and therefore why we skim because who knows if the blog writer is actually creating quality content. Imagery allows us to instantly know if something is relevant to us. This blog, actually, exemplifies this with their hero image at the sacrifice of a large headline — I dig it.

  • very excellent fonts, i like big and loud

  • dan

    Big and loud for me too.

  • I tend to go for the lighter approach purely to avoid over dominating a design. Also thanks for mentioning FontSquirel too, it really deserves to be better known. Anyway, great article.

  • Thank you. I understand that fonts (for headline and body) are really important. I am happy that you shared some font types today.

  • Cindy

    What font is used in the Henry’s Pub image?