Alfred Hitchcock Vanity Fair Photoshoot

I was surfing the net, I came across a new project from vanity fair. I really like when you see celebrities in different situations, you see Lebovitz doing this a lot, and again this is another situation. Enjoy this small post.

Vanity Fair Hitchcock Photoshoot




















  • argikon

    Lebovitz did a great job with these… thanks for sharing Chad.

  • albatronix

    I love the Seth Rogen picture. Even in that classic shot, he looks goofy as hell.

  • Herbalife

    The recreated shots look pretty good. Love the fact that older works are made even more memorable with modern celebrities in them.

  • Choubelle

    Wow, that is a really neat shoot, definitely one of the better I’ve seen in a long while. Some of them I think are too slick, but in others (like the last one) the characters/celebrities look so similar to the stars of the Hitchcock film!!

  • Sebastian

    Great photos, Hitchcock was a genius, great link to the Vanity Fair Hitchcock Photoshoot

  • jenn


  • Gloria

    You must have spent a lot of time compiling these! they are great :)

  • SC


  • Danni


  • Dannie

    That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Ryan G


  • Ink Fingers

    Those are pretty cool!

  • Samantha

    I love it! (:

  • Michelle

    AMAZING pictures

  • Bikini-Hotline

    Great photos. I enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Louieseve

    The Vanity Fair pics seems strained and unrelaxed, very unnatural….The Hitchcock images look less acted out…but the photography is great.

  • robb

    great remake shots.
    #2 last set, is that from telescope to DSLR ?

  • Bombchell – in Atl

    some were beautifully done, especially after the 3rd set. I even prefered two of the newer ones. All gorgeous though.

  • Cristina Jensen

    wow!those were some really great pictures!i liked them alot!

  • codingcereal

    awesome pics! they were almost the same

  • jorge

    no se que esta pasando pero todo se esta volviendo negro y riesgoso alguien me puede soltar el telon ?!

  • Colin

    lol racism.

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  • wien

    nice post, thanks

  • jorge

    Por que me mandan estas fotos ..?

  • Niklas Beinhoff
  • Mo Kargas

    Alfred Hitchcock Vanity Fair Photoshoot

  • Sophie Holt I'm so in love with these photos! And with Seth Rogen, as usual. Yum.

  • samantha

    The Alfred Hitchcock/Vanity Fair Photoshoot, interesting and well done! #movies #photography #hitchcock

  • Mario Poje

    RT @samo9789 Alfred Hitchcock Vanity Fair

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  • Blair Semenoff

    Alfred Hitchcock @VanityFairMag Photoshoot #Photography

  • Ash Mashhadi

    RT @Flipbooks: Alfred Hitchcock @VanityFairMag Photoshoot #Photography #inspiration

  • |Jessica|

    RT @Flipbooks: Alfred Hitchcock @VanityFairMag Photoshoot #Photography

  • Eagle

    RT @tweetmeme Alfred Hitchcock Vanity Fair Photoshoot | Inspiredology

  • Cathie Tyler

    If your an old film buff youll like these-RT @tweetmeme Alfred Hitchcock Vanity Fair Photoshoot | Inspiredology

  • Trudy

    WOW WOW WOW WOW. Brilliant mind of the past, artist savant mind of the present. This totally inspired me. FANTASTIC.

  • Daniel Fealko


    This series shows just what a master Hitchcock was, as the remakes seem two-dimensional in comparison. Even the expressions of the original actors appear more believable.
    The contrast of talent — old versus new — is stunning, and somewhat disheartening. No wonder I love the old black and white movies so much.

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  • website design

    Love this set!

  • sohbet

    interesting information thank you

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  • Victoria Web

    Some beautiful shots, i do prefer the sincerity of the original shoot on some of the more dramatic shots.

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  • Barry Eagen

    Um, these are copies. How creative is that? Not very I’d say. Blahhhhhh.

  • Herbalife Products

    Very cool pics

  • Terry Clark

    Phew, before I read Barry Eagen’s take I thought I was the only one concerned that these are just copies of original genius. Not impressed.