9 Spray Paint Textures

I have always loved using spray paint textures in photoshop and illustrator. One day I decided to get some old spray cans and just spray at different angles, distances on white paper, and then just scanned in. It’s always nice to be able to create authentic elements for design. Enjoy!!

Use them as you please, just no re-distribution.










  • Mike

    the download link doesnt work for me…can you fix it?

  • GReat Stuff !!!

    thanks for sharing man
    God Bless you

  • Hey Chad,

    The textures look great! However, the link to the textures seems to be broken, I’ve tried using firefox and safari(in safari it says, decompression failed in the downloads window)

    Keep up the great work!

  • never mind, looks fixed now 🙂

  • ds

    thanks for sharing 。。

  • I have just checked the download link.. and everything seems to be fine. Let me know if the links isn’t working now.

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  • Thanks Chad, I haven’t done this in a while… need to get a new scanner!

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  • Graphic Design

    Just stumbled through your unique idea ..designs through spray paints…looks innovative. loved your work and in fact am feeling pumped up to try few myself….Thanks for this pal….

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  • Thanx for this post.

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  • Great idea to use spray paint splats as a texture. Looks pretty.

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  • Than for this post.

  • bee

    Just found these textures deep down among my bookmarks. Downloaded them directly b/c I don’t want to lose them again. Thank you!

  • this site really rocks! YOU INSPIRE me mr. Chad!

  • Looks pretty nice!!

    ipad bag

  • wow.. thts nice effect..i love it… thanks for sharing.

  • DISASTERpiece

    Works fine! Would be cool get some watercolor ones as well 🙂

  • beatifuls,eed to get a new scanner!

  • DmitriyTL

    Library of quality high resolution textures. Free for personal and commercial use.

  • Thanks Admin Very Nice…

  • Looks pretty nice!! Thanks Admin

  • Thanks Chad, I haven’t done this in a while… need to get a new scanner!

  • Hello,

    I am use it (tips on read), good post.

    Also i am share this page, my social account.

    I am following you, since today 🙂

    Good luck man !

  • Sezin Birinci

    very good