7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures

Bokeh had become a huge trend in 2009, and shows no sign of stopping anytime in 2010. I took these images over Christmas, of a Christmas tree believe it or not… It was very simple to do actually, just zoom in close, blur the focus and start snapping. To all you texture junkies, these are yours to do what you please with, enjoy!

  • http://www.visualswirl.com/ Chris Thurman

    I’m becoming a huge fan of the Bokeh effect (as I guess thousands of other designers are). I’ve yet to use Bokeh in any designs but I will soon. Thanks for the textures Chad!

  • Yummygum

    7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures – http://is.gd/6bIDo

  • http://twitter.com/iblend/status/7707563993 Louis Gubitosi

    RT @chadMueller: 7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures http://bit.ly/60Yo1Z

  • http://twitter.com/chadmueller/status/7707566720 chadMueller

    7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures: Bokeh had become a huge trend in 2009, and shows no sign of stopping anytime in 2010. I t… http://bit.ly/60Yo1Z

  • http://twitter.com/creativitygeek/status/7707568525 Design & Art Geek

    Inspiredology – 7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures http://bit.ly/60Yo1Z

  • http://twitter.com/writer_sheri/status/7707601195 sheri strykowski

    7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures http://bit.ly/60Yo1Z RT @iBlend: RT @chadMueller:

  • http://twitter.com/chadmueller/status/7707708391 chadMueller

    RT @CreativityGeek: Inspiredology – 7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures http://bit.ly/60Yo1Z

  • http://twitter.com/creativest/status/7708676311 Creative in Links

    7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures: Bokeh had become a huge trend in 2009, and shows no sign of stopping anytime in 2010. .. http://bit.ly/60Yo1Z

  • http://twitter.com/weblightcarlos/status/7709593243 Web Design by Carlos

    Alltop: 7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures http://bit.ly/8xqjb7

  • http://twitter.com/stratigodesign/status/7709898232 stratigo design

    iBlend: RT @chadMueller: 7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures http://bit.ly/60Yo1Z http://bit.ly/4MQNiR via @YoTwits

  • http://twitter.com/bkmacdaddy/status/7711393969 bkmacdaddy designs

    7 Hi-Res Bokeh #Textures http://bit.ly/7DzErB

  • http://twitter.com/100twits/status/7713714898 apex
  • http://twitter.com/atrac613/status/7714399769 のぐお

    7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures: Bokeh had become a huge trend in 2009, and shows no sign of stopping anytime in 2010. .. http://bit.ly/60Yo1Z

  • http://twitter.com/missneela/status/7715535742 Angel Y.

    7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures http://bit.ly/7tH1sM

  • http://texturezine.com/ Texturezine

    Great very nice textures. Thanks

  • http://www.destinyislands.com/ Destiny Islands

    Really nice post man! This is a great blog you’re running, keep up the awesome work I love it

  • http://twitter.com/purplehayz/status/7724295808 purplehayz

    7 hi-res #bokeh #textures http://short.to/13fw7

  • http://twitter.com/texturezine/status/7725667909 texturezine

    @purplehayz 7 hi-res #textures http://short.to/13fw7

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  • http://www.paulogoode.com Paulo

    Thanks for these – greatly appreciated. Will I be cool as well as trendy for using these images?

  • http://www.moinid.com Creative Ideas

    Nice textures. Thanks!

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  • http://www.nextdayflyers.com/ offset printing

    Sweet backgrounds thanks Ive always wanted to learn how to take photos like this.

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  • http://boldis.ru Boldis Media

    Beautiful textures, thanks.

  • http://www.psd-dude.com PSDDude

    Bokeh is not my favorite technique but i must confess that some of the photos are amazing with a bokeh background 🙂

  • http://exmmedia.com Web Design

    Thanks for the share can use these
    thanks again

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  • http://www.weddingringsdepot.com/ Samatha Ring

    Christmas is fast approaching! I like the effect of lights just like any other places. I want the design of a bit clear and strong light effect of it. It’s much more appealing to me than the blurred effect of the 4th picture.

  • http://www.teterin.com.au/ Diesel Engine

    It looks pretty good and for sure hi-res textures are good looking no matter what kind is showing 😛

  • http://benmarden.com.au/ canberra photographer

    I didn’t cross my mind that taking a snap shot of these could be very easy. Actually, I don’t have any idea, not until now that I read your post. I normally see these designs on tv though.

  • http://www.buttermeupjewellery.com.au/ stainless steel jewellery

    The texture look so great now that Christmas season already started. Such an amazing design!

  • http://www.designersfix.com Tom White

    I’ve recently wrote a Bokeh Tutorial on my website, These textures could have come in handy! rather than making my own brushes 😀

    Very well done with these buddy, great job!

  • http://vecto2000.com Great

    Nice One, Superb men!