43 Decent Dark Websites

Getting into the world of web design and inspiration, you can categorize websites into thousands of different trends, platforms, site elements and the list can go on. Dark websites have always been a popular choice as black is the obvious choice to rebel against all those white websites that crowded the web in the early years. These days, white is used in a lot of more professional, corporate designs, so you could say that black is slightly more creative.

I feel when designing a website with a dark colour scheme, I believe you should be trying to force the content, let the content or portfolio pieces jump out from the site, or to create a soothing, subtle feel about your business. Dark colours are great for design on the web, these 43 examples help support this.

P.S. Inspiredology was featured on Smashing Magazine’s not once but twice in the Best of March 2008 post, the featured posts were “We All Love Typography” and “Cool Web Characters“. I am super hyped about this, Smashing Magazine was one of the first blogs that I started following, and you could say is one of the reason’s why I chose to blog. This is a great honor, Thanks Smashing!!

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  • http://www.sufined.com Naveed

    wow another great post :)
    well as far as i m concern i always find my self super productive while doing stuff in black canvas :)

  • http://www.designingthenews.com Dave Bowker

    I’d reccommend AvalonStar for this list as well. Beautiful dark site.

  • liam

    Nice list – You’ve clearly got a good eye for this sort of thing.

  • Ihab Khattab

    This is really awesome

    Thank you :)

  • John Hager

    I saw this one on the http://welovewp.com/ site which i like a lot and could be included on the list as well: http://www.etchstar.com/blog/

    But your list is great btw!

  • http://pyrosarco.com Seth Nenstiel

    Great list you have compiled here! I enjoyed looking at it very much. By the way, the sofasurfer link is not working right now, may not be your fault though.

  • Hugh

    I think this one fits your list also. http://www.sroown.com

  • http://www.braintrove.com Braintrove.com

    There’s some pretty nice ones in that collection.

  • http://www.panthersweat.com Panther

    Wow, these are very inspirational. Impressed by that Batman one! Still trying to work up to getting onto one of these lists someday! Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/webdemar/status/3403224073 Simon Rimkus

    43 Decent Dark Websites – http://bit.ly/XCXwn #webdesign #inspiration

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  • http://twitter.com/dhana_sitech/status/3754945836 Dhanalakshmi

    – websites

  • http://twitter.com/dflorent/status/4841903872 Florent Desjardins

    43 Decent Dark Websites http://bit.ly/UCrjW

  • http://twitter.com/dflorent/status/4841942901 Florent Desjardins

    43 Decent Dark Websites http://bit.ly/UCrjW

  • joshe

    i believe this one is missing: http://www.seo-monitor.eu

  • http://www.dreamincoloronline.com dreamincolor

    Good selection !
    Take a look on this Fresh collection of Amazing Dark Websites here

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  • http://howtostartabusiness4u.com John D

    Usually I don’t like designs that are dark everywhere, but these sites, (including your own) seemed to have pulled it off nicely.