31 National Geographic Photos

National Geographic has been on the forefront of photography for over100 years. Their timeless images taken all over the world will live on as some of the best nature and human photography of all time. The examples listed below are only from the past 3 years of National Geographic Magazine and are just a sample of some of the breathtaking images captured in the magazine.

All images courtesy of National Geographic Magazine.




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  • http://www.just4freaks.de Markus

    beautiful pictures

  • http://azzrizal.com/blog azzrizal

    the 9th picture i think, is holding an iphone. LOL.

    Nice pictures!

  • that guy

    Photoshopped, all of them, i can tell by the pixels and having seen a number of photoshops in my day…

  • http://www.dgenerador.com diseño comunicacion visual

    Muy buen blog de diseño! great blog! thanks from Argentina.

  • http://ducedo.com/ Stefan

    Truly stunning photos. Just make sure you’re allowed to publish them. I did a similar thing and after one week Magnum contacted me and told me to remove all of them the same day, or else…

    Again, truly stunning photos.

  • http://www.jonathanpatterson.com Jonathan Patterson

    Very cool photos. That elephant on the edge of the cliff is truly amazing.

  • http://twitter.com/tonyfelice tonyfelice

    how is it that anytime someone puts some cool photos up, there’s always one knucklehead that yells, ‘chop’? thanks for sharing those, andrew – made my day. [tf]

    • http://inspiredology.wpengine.com Andrew

      Hey Tony, thanks for the comment! You’re right, there’s always one, people should look into the source before commenting.

  • http://listoric.deviantart.com Listoric


  • http://diigital.com Mike

    Stunning shots, really made my eyes pop.

  • http://inspiredology.wpengine.com Andrew

    Thanks for the comments everyone, glad you enjoyed the post!

  • http://twitter.com/quetevasacagar/status/2816375828 quetevasacagar

    Shared 31 National Geographic Photos http://twurl.nl/3wz8s1

  • http://3dyuriki.com yuriki

    This is just awesome!

  • http://www.hello.com Obvi

    I think it’s actually quite funny how the guy who put up the photoshopped comment is named “that guy”. Because he is “that guy” who makes the photoshop comment.

  • http://twitter.com/beebo_wallace/status/2823466476 beebo wallace

    GoogleReader: 31 National Geographic Photos: National Geographic has been on the forefront of photo.. http://twurl.nl/cjast0

  • http://www.outofbox.in djashish

    great piece of work

  • dodsonmd

    Photoshop processed or not, the images are stunning. Digital post-processing is a fact of life and is as much a part of the creative endeavor as seeking the image in the first place. The camera will never capture the range the eye can see and the mind can comprehend. Photoshop gives us the tools to bring out the beauty we saw, and inspire others around us. Great work!

  • http://www.unique-leotards.com Unique Leotards

    Great attention to pattern, colors and texture, just like I like. Even simple things become amazing in these photos.

  • http://abcdebook.blogspot.com Langit

    Great pictures

  • http:[email protected] ferit

    İ ll take photos like this :))

  • http://www.igorkventor.ru/ Igor Kventor

    Wonderful photos! Awesome quality. Thank you very much!

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  • William Voon

    Simply Awesome!!!

  • fanna55

    Wonderful amazing photos! You made me dream:

  • desren

    Very creative eye for photo opportunities,great colors and textures and light angles…good stuff

  • Jesu

    Nature, as it is.

  • mika a.a.

    two thumbs up……to the image taker.

  • Joni

    Thanks for posting these stunning shots. Pay no attention to what That Guy Says! Keep posting for the rest of us.

  • http://www.CheriseHawley.com/ Snow Fox Creations

    National Geographic photographers use Leica digital cameras, which run in the thousands of dollars USD + tons of filters and other equipment. It’s possible that these AREN’T PhotoShopped: the equipment they use is like the Taj Mahal of photography equipment- way out of price range for the rest of us. TT_TT

    Using advanced filters and an excellent camera, producing shots like these IS possible- also, these are only the ones that made the cut. There may have been 20 or more similar shots which were flawed, and therefore not published.

    I vote that they weren’t shopped.

  • http://www.livingforart.com Jasmin Halkić


  • bbiy


  • Captain Whirlpool

    thanks god for the cammeras

  • http://robinferianto.com robb

    these are all great pics.
    NG always put up mesmerizing pics.

  • http://www.maik.de Maik Blume

    what for an inspiration…

  • http://www.kleiner-blog.de Kleiner Blogger

    WOW! What else should I say?

    Best regards from Germany

  • http://twitter.com/chedly/status/2874757674 Mohamed Chedly SEBAI

    31 National Geographic Photos | Inspiredology http://ff.im/-5N9Wb

  • martinagxg


  • A friend of mine

    I don’t care if those pictures were taken by a thousand dollar camera or if it was edited in the Photoshop because, at the end of the day, one person did it.
    There is no Canon-Nikon-Leica-Sony-etc magic camera or a Photoshop’s sub-menu “Make this photo fantastic!!”.
    You need to have something different in you to be able to produce such images.
    Congratulations to the people, photographers and/or designers, that created those fantastic images.

  • http://www.photobyphilip.com Philip Karklins

    Beauty Shots.

  • http://minicrm.pl minicrm

    Super cool photos!

  • terry

    WOW!!!! amazing photography- you CLICK!!!!

  • http://www.bhutanbigfoot.com Shrawan Magar

    Great pictures…”that guy” you should appreciate Andrew for all these beautiful pictures … !!! And white owl is just damn awesome !!! really amazing pictures..made my day..aswell ..great

  • james

    Professional photographers use lightbox or similar to tweak or color correct a photo but that is by no means photo-shopping and a standard practice. They are amazing photos and thanks for linking them back to the originals made reviewing them event more interesting.

    The fisherman photo is the only one that puzzles me, how a shot with such extremes in exposure could be taken in one frame, but if taken over two shots then merged it is not just a photo but Art.

  • Linda MacAskill

    I love to take photos myself…but these are way beyond my talent and I love looking at them…it gives me a heart thumping joy thank you

  • Samantha

    You stupid people need to realize that not everything is photoshopped, that the world can actually be that beautiful with out the help of a computer. just deal with that fact and and look at the beauty…

  • that other guy

    You stupid people need to realize that not everyone that says “photoshopped” is being serious. it is what is known as a joke, and quite the ongoing one on this here interweb thing. it is intended to get a rise out of the people who are too stupid to realize it is a joke. While some people may be serious when they say “shopped” on a post, the vast majority are just playing around because it is fun to be “that guy”.

    that being said, great collection of photos, nat, geographic is known for their spectacular photos, and these certainly do them justice.

  • DaveW

    Everyone… don’t feed the trolls.

    Awesome shots!

  • http://.magicalmediaproductions.com Ed Trzebiatowski

    Nice Work!

  • http://www.AGracefulDeath.com AGracefulDeath

    What an amazing world we live in!!!

  • Ben

    Great photos. I love the one of the man breathing fire. “That Guy” is a moron. I’m sure he goes to random websites and says that’s “photoshopped.” I see it all the time on photoblogs. I can’t stand morons like that. And yes people do photoshop some of their photos, but they have always “fixed” photos even before the computer was invented. Even though that is not always the case, in which I don’t think this is at all, it doesn’t even matter. You just hate the fact that you can’t take beautiful photos like this or any other for that matter. Keep posting photos like this they make my day. Thank you.

  • lookingforwonder

    Photos need some details like where they were taken and when, and some of them what exactly you are looking at. But overall they are good photos.

  • Pat

    There’s always one teenager who thinks that knowing something means knowing everything; that seeing one thing means I’ve seen it all. We all know that every photo blog has some kid commenting that he can “tell by the pixels”. We all know that none of them knows what that means, and many of us suspect that these kids don’t even bother to look at photos (‘shopped or otherwise). Get a job. Stop wasting time, kiddo.

  • Pat

    by the way… You all tell the same joke on every photo blog out there (that’s a lot), and those of us who are sick of that ( eight year old incessant) joke are the dumb ones. Huh. In what way do you help your community? Not important, right? cause I’m stupid. Right.

  • Bruce

    Agree with LookingfoWonder – the photos are stunning, but it’s often the commentary that makes a great blog – in future post fewer pics but add the background to the event – what, why, who, etc..

  • Bruce

    oh yeah – and stop narking on about the “Shopped” comment s – all the comments saying how stupid the original one is are just as stupid… Don’t give the idiots an audience

  • k0ffin

    The second one not photoshopped, as I see.. Just a long exposure.. I live nearby of this structure..

  • k0ffin

    Bingo.. And heres the description from National Geographic:
    “Latvia—A long exposure blurs sea and sky into a minimalist backdrop for a crumbling Soviet-era military building near Liepãja. More than a decade after Moscow withdrew its forces from Latvia, such ruins litter the Baltic coast.”

    Slide through to this picture..

  • Daniel

    Sucks to me see many photoshoped photos and (super)enhanced colors, even it’s astonishing pictures.

    Nevertheless, thanks for others real photos I’ve noticed.

  • http://joaoramos.org/ joão

    wow, amazing set! 😮

  • http://www.theolympicgamescountdown.com/ Mike

    Amazing photos! Does anyone know how much retouch is put in to these photos? (In general…)

  • http://www.location-voiture-martinique.com martinique location voiture

    great pictures, thanks to u !

  • http://ilusionismopoetico.blogspot.com/ maria

    hello, im from argentine the site its very good and the photographs very amazings! if you want see mi blog.


  • http://blog.sina.com.cn/seolu ptseo



    Good work!

  • http://www.goez1.blogspot.com Goez2

    And all of those are made with Canon cameras

  • http://www.fauland-photography.com Peter Fauland

    This is true passion – for the beauty of the planet !!

  • Cari

    Thanks, Andrew! I absolutely love National Geographic photos. It’s my dream that someday I’ll be behind one of their cameras. Seriously breathtaking.

  • Kunda Lee

    Lovely lovely incredible Life, captured – thank the god/desses – by highly skilled and motivated photographers. btw the comment 太漂亮了 from above, translated by WordMonkey, means “too beautiful” in Chinese.

  • fdljhlh

    The people who say things are photoshopped are usually trolls from 4chan.org.

    so stop obsessing over them and shut up and ignore them.

    Great photos

  • Bazm

    The exquisite design inherent in nature surely makes us appreciate that there must have been an intelligent creator behind such marvels.

  • http://www.turksbilisim.com Web Tasarim – Grafik Tasarim

    this, very thank..

    Your site full professional…

  • kiiyukia

    wonderful………….u have to be a photographer to know anything is possible.

  • http://www.revenuerobot.com Revenue Robot

    these are some incredible photos…! bookmarked the site for further updates :)

  • flesticle

    Mianus is a town in Connecticut. Look it up. The locals pronounce it Meeyannis, but that’s just to keep the property values up. You and I know that it’s pronounced differently. More anatomically. The lower valve of the human boddaroni.
    These photos were produced by platypus torture.

  • noah phence

    LOL @ “The other guy”….. The photos are obviously shopped….

  • http://meritsbirthday.hotelsza.com/ ทำบุญวันเกิด

    It’s so great for me who love National Geographic photos.

  • rafael_b

    Amazing collection.those photes just made my day. Thank you for that.

  • http://nastia-tikk.com/ Nastia

    Beautiful collection! Nothing more to say )

  • desren

    Stunning photos,a great look at nature from an artist’s eye,well done!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Victoria Web

    Truly stunning and unique collection of photos, and whether they have been photoshopped or not, the scene in the photo is real and natural.

  • http://xn--12cr9bkp3b3anm7bif5bq7kjm3klc.net/ เสื้อผ้าแฟชั่น

    Its unseen photography.
    Thanks Andrew

  • http://opperjacky.wordpress.com Jacky

    These pictures are wonderful. Are they available as wallpapers somewhere perhaps ?

  • Jeferson

    Wow…….it is really oustanding photos……….i’d say that nature is the supreme of the supreme…….thanks God for everything.not in a religion way………Best.

  • http://lifebassam.blogspot.com/ Bassam

    Very nice
    Carrying different expressions

  • Jacques

    You know, one thing that annoys the living crap out of me is these guys who come along and say things like “Photoshopped, all of them, i can tell by the pixels and having seen a number of photoshops in my day…”
    You are a rank idiot. Does this post say “No photoshopped images contained herein”?
    Does it even matter? Are the images beautiful or not?

    What’s your next step?
    “Haha LOL those were taken with a camera, they’re not the real thing”? Get a life all you fools who go “‘haha ‘shopped” like you have discoverd some grand fraud. What are you trying to achieve? Getting hired as a world renowned ” ‘shopped spotter”?

    The idea behind this post is to show some beautiful images. And secondly, are you now trying to discredit National Geographic as fraudulent? To what end? The Nobel prize in idiot photographic forensics?

    First go and achieve 1 billionth of what the janitor at National Geographic has achieved for this world before you even attempt a rudimentary display of intelligence. You couldn’t hit Mount Kilimanjaro with a your IQ if every point was a pellet from a shotgun. Do the rest of the world a favor and switch off your PC.

    The magazine you are “entertaining” yourself with is a 100 times more “‘shopped” than anything on this page.

    Flame over.

  • http://twitter.com/4mediaconverter/status/6049707868 4Media Converter

    31 amazing National Geographic Photos http://twurl.nl/xqmsn5

  • http://twitter.com/b__b__/status/6049708072 猫狗之嬉

    31 amazing National Geographic Photos http://twurl.nl/xqmsn5

  • http://twitter.com/juliolarri/status/6194144882 Julio Larrinaga

    31 National Geographic Photos http://ff.im/-cckZa

  • http://twitter.com/myobgnwc/status/6262384359 Chris Howe

    RT @4MediaConverter: 31 amazing National Geographic Photos http://twurl.nl/xqmsn5

  • http://twitter.com/tensai10sigh/status/6522331853 Steven Tensai

    these are why i *heart* national geographics! http://inspiredology.com/31-national-geographic-photography/

  • david

    muito legal essas fotos!!!!!

  • Fillipe

    Quem imagem legais cheias de efeitos q só a natureza é capaz de fazer!!!!!!!!!!!
    Achei muito dahora!

  • http://twitter.com/inveve/status/7014859208 INVEVE

    [photography] 31 Wonderful National Geographic Photos http://ow.ly/Pqxk

  • http://twitter.com/djuwearit/status/7015135044 djuwearit

    breathtaking! RT @inveve [photography] 31 Wonderful National Geographic Photos http://ow.ly/Pqxk

  • http://twitter.com/remcodegraaf/status/7015293696 Remco de Graaf

    Adembenemende foto's van National Geographic http://tinyurl.com/msqms7 Zitten bizar mooie tussen.

  • http://twitter.com/wotareyoudoing/status/7017085574 Krishnachandran U

    31 National Geographic Photos http://bit.ly/eGT6N

  • http://twitter.com/pointnl/status/7057546549 Marco de Moulin

    RT @tweetmeme 31 National Geographic Photography | Inspiredology http://bit.ly/15dWkt

  • http://twitter.com/skyline0827/status/7143462729 Irwin Tan

    31 of Nat Geo's stunning photographs – http://bit.ly/1VrKQ

  • http://www.JayRodPhotos.com Jay Rodriguez

    Brilliant Work!

  • http://twitter.com/jolanoe/status/7348827455 Jo Lanoë

    RT @tweetmeme 31 National Geographic Photography | Inspiredology http://bit.ly/15dWkt

  • http://twitter.com/lcguid/status/7594343249 Mostaço-Guidolin, L

    RT @GuiButtner 31 fotos selecionadas pela national geografic

  • http://twitter.com/diogot/status/7602839039 Diogo

    RT @lcguid: RT @GuiButtner 31 fotos selecionadas pela national geografic

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  • http://www.inrumor.com Julia


  • Jennie

    I wish I could take photos like these and If that is not within my talents then I wish I could travel to all the places these photos were taken.

  • Jennie

    I don’t think too many professional photographers would deny that they “enhance” a lot of their work. As several people commented, it was being done well before Photoshop.

    But the comments that just say “photoshopped” are immature and only serve to antagonize and begin quarrels and comment exchanges that actually sort of ruin things. I enjoy reading comments that actually contribute to the posting but the nasty bickering ones really makes it unpleasant.

    I vote that inane comments like “Photoshopped” be deleted from the comments section as well as any comments that call other commenters names that aren’t nice.

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  • Vinny Chirayil

    Nice pictures and I partly agree with comment number 3.

    Even Nat Geo photographers come up with not so great images, despite the best equipment, knowledge & experience, which ultimately need a software rescue or polish.

    Original Nat Geo poster :

    Color corrected & scaled vertically :


    There are plenty more such Nat Geo examples. This is not an isolated case.

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    Thanks for the post. Inspirational!!!

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    Very good

  • http://kenmccurdy.com Ken McCurdy

    What does everyone think was going to replace traditional post processing of film. Processing software is now just the ‘digital darkroom ‘. how else would we be able to crop, adjust contrast, and sharpen digital photos. Those who choose to manipulate photos have done so for almost 100 years.

  • http://inspiredology.wpengine.com Andrew

    If you liked these photos, be sure to go check out our latest post showcasing some of the entries from the National Geographic Photography Contest 2010!


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