31 Beautiful Examples of Portrait Photography

We are always trying to cross a lot of different types of inspirations on Inspiredology. We tend to post more on web design, probably because I am a web designer first and for most. If you are a consistent reader of Inspiredology, you will know that we try to dab in everything, movie posters, logos, business cards and photography. Photography is always been a good topic to post on, I think there are more photographers out there then web designers, illustrators and graphic designers. We have featured a few different types of photography; National Geographic, Under Water, Aerial, Tilt Shift and many more.

I thought it would be fun to post some Portraits, the expressions captured in these photographs are fantastic. Some are quirky, some are more subtle and standard, while others are simply beautiful.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/CapturedDivinely Faith

    Very beautiful pic’s. As a novice photographer I am very inspired by these pictures.

  • http://kosharirecipe.blogspot.com/ koshari

    magnificent portraits. I really like them.

  • http://www.joshrosscreative.com Josh R.

    A great list but I can’t imagine you got permission from all of those people to use their images….

  • http://inspiredology.wpengine.com Chad

    John R. – I am not taking credit for their work – I am advertising their work – each photographer will get more traffic from being published on the blog.

    This blog congratulates and showcases those photographers, as a photographer yourself – would you not want to be showcased on blogs – that would help brand yourself, and bring a different audience to your site?

  • http://www.joshrosscreative.com Josh R.

    While I may like to be featured on a blog my images can not be published without written consent. Meaning you have to ask first. Copyright law does not mean you get to decide if these photographers would benefit from being featured, you have to ask then if your given consent you may publish the images.

  • http://codepixelzmedia.com code pixelz media

    very good. I like the way you present your content.

  • http://www.webdesignkc.co.uk/ Victoria Blount

    There are some excellent portraits above i like the variety in styles, content and approach to the subject. Some are conventional whilst others are individual and not how you would expect a portrait to be set out.

  • http://www.dinamarierodriguez.com Dina Marie Creative

    The forth one down of the man holding the cigarette is gorgeous. That can’t be all just photography without digital enhancement, could it?…if so then I am overwhelmingly impressed.

  • Mrs Christine Frame

    I love these portraits. So full of life. I can almost reach out and touch them. I love them.

  • Greg

    Thanks for sharing, those are stunning.

    Dina, the 4th picture with the man smoking does involve a LOT of digital enhancement. It’s using a technique called HDR where you take multiple shot where you expose both shadows and highlights, then combine them to create a picture showing incredible depth and detail.

  • http://www.thdvd.net ขายหนัง

    A great list but I can’t imagine you got permission from all of those people to use their images….

  • http://dinamarierodriguez.com Dina Marie Creative

    Yah, I have just recently gotten into bit of photography and have been learning all about HDR. This article actually inspired me. :)

  • johanes siahaya

    inspired me ! awesome

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    excellent work!
    I believe portrait photography is more to the expression and…luckily if we got the soul of the subject.

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