• http://www.marcofolio.net/ Marco

    Great collection! These logos can give a lot of inspiration.

    Ps. the “Shop Wiki” is displayed two times.

    Keep on bloggin,,,

  • http://mangeorge.com George Man

    Superb! Great display.

  • Jeff

    Brilliant logos? These will all look incredibly dated in 15 years.

  • Max
  • http://www.galletaraton.com Lazarus

    These are all very very good logos but I think the word brilliant does not apply to but a few of the above. All of them are fashionable, but fashion changes with the weather.

  • Matt

    awesome logo collection!

    In fact…I believe the sweetness of this post deserves some google ad-word clicks. =)

  • http://www.enablingbiz.com enblingbiz

    hi. the collection is really cool. each logo is better than the other. just tell me where did you collect them. they are all great. which industry or theme do these logos carry.

  • Richard

    Um. Nice list but how about you credit the designers of these. Easily found since most are from Logo Pond.

  • http://www.designflavr.com Andrew

    some of these are brilliant. Great Collection!

  • http://www.behance.net/klubbsoda Joram Oudenaarde

    Hi :)

    Thanks for adding my logo to your list of favourites! To be honest; I personally liked this logo, but I never thought it would get this much exposure… quite an honor to be shown on well known designsites/-blogs 😉

    Nice collection overall though… not all of them are ones that I personally like, but a very nice inspirational collection nontheless :)

  • http://www.fubiz.net Fubiz

    Impressive list !

  • Lucas

    While the logos look nice, they can’t be that great. I browse the web all day and only managed to recognise 2 of them.

  • rachana

    gud work!!!
    xcellent collection can guide u a lot, keep it up!

  • http://www.iliveherenow.com Stefan

    Great collection!

  • http://designerkamal.com kamal

    Thanks for adding my stiklet logo…


  • http://www.cosmicproject.de Zerga

    I especially like:

    – sirens
    even though it seems a bit too complex the logo has a comfortable flow

    – undu
    just brilliant how the eye follows the line of “undu” to form a “plus”, simplicity is king!

    – samate
    just like the form, because it is not the usual circle in a circle, or square, or cross…

    – s(i)mpl[ye]
    not sure about the purpose, but i love the missing “i”, which i havent noticed even at first glance.

    – green dolphin
    not really brilliant, but balanced work

    – linkeeper
    cool to have this lions-something flower (dont know the word in english) as representation for something that gets easily disconnected vs linkeeper.

    – cafe melody
    brilliant and very minimalistic! an espresso cup from the top AND a volume knob!! genius! hope this was intentional 😀

  • B Rand

    Most are balanced, clean, and well executed. Unfortunately, brilliant is not the word that I would use.

  • jama

    An amazing collection!! great inspiration for all designers.

  • http://cindyoh89.kiswrites.org/ Cindy

    I like a lot of them, but some logos that are hard to read or recognize wasn’t so appealing.. but this really helped me with my logo design ideas! Thanks!

  • http://www.3.palmeo.pl Martin

    Very impresive list, thanks!

  • http://frogletack.com mackenzie

    hey, nice work my friend, i live on nantucket was that logo for a business here, i’ve not seen it?

  • mere

    these are some really fun logos! i especially love the one for BananasFilms – simple but so clever.

    there are a couple, though, that would never reproduce in 1 color or black & white: namely Hawaii Tour Vacations and Mild Peru. and i always thought that was the #1 rule in logo design…

  • http://robertaseldon.bravehost.com Roberta Seldon

    Absolutely amazing!

  • http://www.google.com Rahul Rai

    awesome collection

  • Mia Tyler

    Hi there…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Tuesday .

  • http://www.barefootstudios.ca/ Umer Tahir

    Great logos indeed !

  • mätes

    hmmm, 4 or 5 nice logos, but not one brilliant one. seems to be a collection of trendy, colored typographic experiments, imho.

  • JC

    why is mine not on there

  • http://lirent.net ReniX

    nice logo collection


  • http://www.sukialogic.com josoroma


  • Anonymous

    amazing collection, exellent

  • http://www.methodologymarketing.com Custom Logo Design

    Some very nice inspiring work you have compiled here. Thank you for sharing!!

  • http://ogkirpz.com/ifhpxbfd.html Jamie Morton

    good luck

  • http://zxehckz.com/raonrsh.html Machelle Hopper

    good luck

  • http://paulher.com paul

    nice collection … I saw many of them at logopond.com …

  • Thatiana

    hi how are you…….
    to be honest i love all the logos you happen to be a very talented person…… i myself am a first year graphic design student i am looking for anything that could inspire me and release my creative mind i have only finishe my first semester at the university awith the help of my mother i am searching on the internet anything that could make me think and act as a real designer the next years….i loved ur designs am very curious to know how you get that ideas i will be happy to know if you want to tlk to me u have my email….regards thank you

  • http://movieloo.info Gofree


    It’s sophisticated design.

  • http://www.sufined.com Naved Ahmed

    thats a real hard work to select the best logos :) thanks for sharing :) they comes in real handy for inspirations :)

  • Monica

    Eres fantástico…

    Gracias por la inspiración

  • http://artwork-creative.com Simon

    Some nice ones – but all VERY American…. WAY too shiny :(

  • http://www.blog.mycollegesandcareers.com Kate Lehnhof

    This collection is gorgeous and smart-looking. I want to frame them and decorate my house in logos! thanks for putting it together.

  • Ivan Pr

    Hy Chad , your logos are THE MUST

  • http://twitter.com/freirericardo/status/2252595834 Ricardo Freire

    120 Brilliant Logos: http://bit.ly/7z0zg
    Muito interessante.. ainda mais para meus amigos que são do ramo!

  • mamu

    wow.. i’m amazed to see the creativity.. good work ya..

  • http://twitter.com/dezinerrocky/status/3119294172 Dezinerrocky


    120 Brilliant Logos –

  • http://buyitnowfurniture.com wrought iron furniture

    Great logos, thanks for sharing!

  • http://blog.karachicorner.com Muhammad Faisal Jawaid

    hmmm :)
    very nice designs. i like very much.

  • http://twitter.com/swaidesign/status/4109976664 Sam Woods

    120 Beautiful logos. http://bit.ly/Zm21l

  • http://twitter.com/nene_lain/status/4792262745 Irene Dose

    … and before goin' bed: 120 Brilliant #Logos : http://bit.ly/Abnwq _ #graphic #web #design #inspiredology

  • http://twitter.com/philther/status/5151591077 daxphi

    120 brillant logos #design #art #examples http://tinyurl.com/5fa3g2

  • http://twitter.com/fabiulac/status/5179201604 Fabi Cenci
  • http://twitter.com/delicious50/status/6098964706 Delicious Over 50

    120 Brilliant Logos http://bit.ly/18r6ET logos inspiration

  • http://twitter.com/vivihmoura/status/6100468296 vivihmoura

    120 Good Logos http://bit.ly/18r6ET #logo #inspiration (via @delicious50)

  • http://twitter.com/diegorv/status/6100604424 Diego R. V.

    RT @vivihmoura: 120 Good Logos http://bit.ly/18r6ET #logo #inspiration (via @delicious50)

  • panksv

    tats gr8
    really inspiring.

  • http://twitter.com/wotareyoudoing/status/7017405858 Krishnachandran U
  • http://twitter.com/achuth486/status/7017420584 Achuth Krishnan

    RT: @wotareyoudoing: 120 Brilliant Logos http://inspiredology.com/120-brilliant-logos/

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  • http://www.pharfetched.co.uk Kit Peverley

    It would seem that ‘brilliant’ is a term whos definition is up for questioning. Some of these designs are simply poor and look like theyve come straight out a $25 logo shop.

    I also sincerely hope that http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/12059 is by the same designer as the Watermelon design listed above.

    Add to which the fact that some of the better designs, Cafe Melody, Qwell etc have been distorted and overall you have a pretty poor article.

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  • http://www.puddlesofink.com Cindy

    Nice collection of Logos. Would be good to see some more.

  • http://www.logodesignmonster.com Logo Design Monster

    The Silver Squid Logo is amazing! That one is my favorite but there are plenty of other excellent logo designs to. Thank you for sharing. Great selection.

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  • http://prhypermarket.blogspot.com giorgi

    f…ing amazing collection:))

  • http://vinarchcreative.com vinod

    great creative, creative ends at clinets door.

  • http://vinarchcreative.com vinod

    good work, creative ends at clinets door.

  • monika

    these are really great (well some of them) i LOVE the simple one that’s juat a Q. Have you ever considered the volcom logo though?

  • http://www.logoemarca.com criaçao logo marca

    Thanks for share!

  • http://www.shiadownload.com M.SHAHZAD

    i like this web site bcz u have more than nice logos……………

  • http://yomumma max

    i liked the penis on my face!!!!

  • Shane

    i liked maxs penis in my face

  • Josh

    These ARE brilliant. thumbs down to you h8rs. The designs are fresh, appealing, and definitely not from some $25 logo shop. Definitely eyecandy for the designer.

  • http://www.lapietradaterra.com.ar Joyeria

    Definitely eyecandy for the designer.

  • http://www.designmybox.com logo templates

    Great collection. All the logos are very impressive. Personally I like the Biomondego logo so much.
    Thanks for such a nice post.

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    Most of your discussion is really interesting and quietly informative. Especially those topic, keep up the good post and I will keep visiting here.

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    some amazing logos there very inspiring indeed!!

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    Great logos! I love, and sell stickers

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    Nice collection of Logos. Would be good to see some more.

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    Brilliant logos! thanks for sharing.

  • Alexander

    most of these really suck and look like they come from some stupid logo stock site, if you want to see really nice logos and design go to ffffound.com

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    The Silver Squid Logo is amazing! That one is my favorite but there are plenty of other excellent logo designs to. Thank you for sharing. Great selection.

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    the crame logo is so sexy…i love it

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    Nice collection of Logos. Would be good to see some more.

  • http://www.manadvd.com หนังการ์ตูน

    Great collection. All the logos are very impressive. Personally I like the Biomondego logo so much.
    Thanks for such a nice post.

  • Dan

    I don’t understand here.

    Yes there are quite a few great logos, but you’ve also featured some absolutely TERRIBLE logos here as well. Some of these are way too overly complex, some are aesthetic vomit, and most aren’t memorable or don’t give you any indication of what the company is/does.

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    This is wonderful deign criteria i have ever seen .One can get more from this blog as it is fulfill with various information.I like it so so.

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