12 Killer Sites that do Parallax Right

While some may be growing tired of the somewhat dizzying effects of a carefully put together parallax scrolling website, you can’t deny the added visual fidelity this trick garners. Here are 13 awesome sites that do parallax scrolling perfectly.

The Beatles Rockband


Lost Worlds Fairs

SONY Tablet S

NIKE Elevate Your Vision

NIKE Make It Count

Nintendo Wii Mario Kart


IWC Portofino

Inception Explained

Curator’s Code



Which sites are your favorite or are there some other sites you think do the Parallax Scrolling well that we didn’t list? Which are your least favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: We took all of your submissions, added a few of ours, and brought together 12 more killer sites that kickass with parallax. Make sure to check it out!


  • Great collection of websites, I love the Lost Worlds Fairs website.

  • I should say, these are indeed awesome websites. Nike Make it Count is a favorite.

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  • Really good post, interactive websites is what makes a site great. I’d like to do a parallax website sometime, maybe you guys can do a tutorial on how to make a parallax website?

    Out of these websites I think Nike Vision is the best, lots of things happening on the web-page which keeps you in tune.
    Unfold has something unique that I’ve not seen on a website which features a continuous scroll. Thanks for the great post.

  • Checkout http://www.team23.de

    Nice Parallax Animtion for the Header 🙂

  • Tracey

    You left out: http://www.newzealand.com/uk/
    Nice post.

  • Not to step on anyone’s toes but I actually think this should be “Killer sites that do parallax WRONG” and this is why I say this:

    The only ones that used parallax correctly here is “lostworldsfairs” and “unfold” in this list. Mario has some mayor bugs so has Sony, I wonder if the intern did the coding. But the mayor error is that the actual content a visitor is looking for gets lost because it is not balanced, the effects takes over to much.

    Parallax is hot right now, but I think that 80% of parallax sites released today would get their information through better with a non parallax site.

    What make a site great is not how much things are moving around, but how pleased I am as a target group for the owners that I got what I wanted from the very short time I surfed by the site, period with caps.

    Okay then, who makes it right? I say this site, is by far the most balanced one I have seen: http://www.river.se/cases
    Only miss they did wast not having the menu fixed on the top left.

    Buy a T-shirt:

  • It is also possible for non-javascript ninja’s to create a beautiful parallax site with a WordPress theme I built called Five3. You can check it out at http://five3.me

    It doesn’t facilitate the type of bespoke brilliance of sites like the Sony Tablet S site, but it makes it possible to add more “visual fidelity” for a portfolio or other image heavy site.

  • Blackei

    This is far more superior parallax website http://www.vesmirnyprogram.sk/ than ANY of the aformentioned above!

  • Keep the suggestions coming, a few more and I think we should have a follow-up post showcasing the submissions!
    (also share examples of bad examples!)

    Great post Mike!

  • Gentleman Rhino

    This site has some neat side-scrolling/parallax, and it’s all done through HTML5! http://www.globaltv.com/bombgirls/index.html

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  • sony do it right!

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  • Loved everyone’s submissions so much that we made a part 2! Make sure to check it out.

    Thanks everyone for the comments, great websites listed.